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  1. astainless

    Q&A with Nikita Buyanov from Russian Forum section

    Lol at the crybabies complaining about realism. That was the goal from the beginning. You should have read what this game was about before buying it is realism is a problem. It's only going to get harder.
  2. astainless

    Ban wave strikes again!

    Obviously he's not banned. That is an error on some end but again there is no ban.
  3. astainless

    Ban wave strikes again!

    This seems like an alt account for a cheater. Created in January and no posting other then how their "friend who doesn't cheat was banned". I love how the cheaters get banned and then claim they or their friend wasn't cheating yet use accounts like this one or brand new after the ban way. Every ban is MANUALLY REVIEWED. There is no way to accidentally get banned with a manually reviewed system. An account gets flagged by software for suspicious activity and then it goes into a list for review and each one is reviewed by a person for shady software, hacks, duping (which is also a banable offense, so if your "friend" wasn't cheating he was duping) and then the ban is issued. There is no software error that can happen and no they are not going to do temporary bans either. Your "Friend, cough cough you cough" was either duping, using hack software or even if they were not using it had hack software running. You would think these people would learn what happens with that stuff by now. Go enjoy or rather have your "Friend" enjoy buying another account and maybe don't be a cheating scumbag. Every time they say "NEW AND UNDETECTABLE CHEAT" just remember that it's not going to be undetectable for long and you will get banned again and again. Play fair or get bent and don't come back. If you do that extra money all goes to development and anti-cheat and it's only getting better so don't cheat again. If you do we don't care because you get banned again and BSG get's more money to make a better product and better anti-cheat. LOL.
  4. astainless

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    1000? That's a lot.
  5. astainless

    Huge ban wave

    Just a heads up for BSG there is still a working aimbot. Me and my squad all got 1 tapped headshotted by 1 guy today on interchange while wearing gen4 and fast and kiver with face shield. I won't post his full name but part of it was FaceHitBoxIs... Go get em. We need to get all these worthless cheaters out.
  6. astainless

    Huge ban wave

    LOL. Cheater still trying. Give it up. Nobody is going to believe you. New account and 28 posts probably all on this thread alone. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  7. astainless

    friend banned

    Nothing suspicious at all.
  8. astainless

    Huge ban wave

    Is your "friend" also a prince in Nigeria that has $2,000,000 USD he wants to share if only we pay his money transfer fee of $5271.00 USD to help him get it out of the country? Get bent cheater?
  9. astainless

    Huge ban wave

    you must be a cheater. Perma ban is the only way you libtard. Lose that EOD and go get another. That's $300 waisted and they will Gerry banned again. That's very expensive and a hard lesson on the wallet.
  10. astainless

    Huge ban wave

    You are just trying to hide that you cheated and had to create a new account. You really think people here are that dumb? It's not just " oh this guy is really good he must be cheating". They have all your cheater logs and that includeds the extra background data that isn't suppose to be there as well as the very obvious aimbot BS twitch movement. When almost every kill in every match you have is a head shot it's pretty obvious. Your temper tantrum on here only solidifies even more how big losers and babies cheaters really are. By all means buy another EOD and jump back in and cheat again. Your money goes into developing the software that bans you for cheating and will only make it better. Lol 2 accounts that's $300. Keep the money coming. Ha
  11. astainless

    Huge ban wave

    Wow are you full of it. If it was automated there could be a chance of an accidental ban. By them manually reviewing every one there is a 0% chance of an accidental ban. Your "semi pro" friend is a cheater and probably cheats on CS GO as well. Semi pro, more like hack with no skills that cheats. Try again.
  12. astainless

    friend banned

    Your friend is a cheater. He either was cheating in EFT or had cheat software running. They just did a big ban. Tell him next time not to be a cheating scumbag. Money wasted. If he can't play fair he can't play at all and good riddance. And judging by the fact this is your first and only post I would assume that You are your "friend" , got banned and had to create a new account.
  13. They have said they won't ban glitchers because they are just exploiting problems with the code, they will patch this as they find and fix it. This is actually smart because when a glitch comes out and people start abusing it they have a target for fixing a problem in their code. If you can't play because of people glitching pistols then you must really suck because that is not to hard to defeat. Most of them are on interchange running to the Kibba spawn because that key is so rare. I have run there myself over 200 times and have not seen it spawn once. People get tired of losing gear trying to find that 1 key. It's good it's rare but it may be a little too rare. The others are on customs hatchet running to the marked room which is a bigger problem because that is where you notice people who have glitched their strength to the point they can run across the map without running out of stamina and run like the flash so they need to find a way to level cap or fix that which is more game breaking then pistol glitching. They are quick to fix things. They removed the the GM counter and tool kits from purchase along with the sop-mod stock to combat money cheats and the laser gun glitch pretty quickly. As of yesterday the laser gun stock thing doesn't work anymore so they are very activly combating everything but it takes time. What really sucks is the person who put the videos online on how to do it so everyone is watching it and glitching money and weapons. This will be fixed shortly. BSG is very quick to respond especially to something like this that costs them a player base which costs them money. I don't expect this glitch to be usable by the middle to end of next week. The invincible corners on factory needs to be fixed. The glitches will get patched out. This is a beta. They will and do ban hackers who use outside software to cheat. This brings them money because people are stupid and will pay $50 to $150 for a game and get banned and have to buy another account to play again and they will cheat again and get banned. They are implementing an anti-cheat soon so that should take care of that. It is still beta, it's gonna take time but BSG is very fast to respond and are actively working on it unlike a lot of dev's who would work on it sometime next year maybe. *Cough* Day z *Cough*.
  14. astainless

    We need Kill Cam

    Kill cams are a bad idea. It takes away from the realism of this game. If anything we need a reverse kill cam so we can see the faces of the people we killed out of raid at the point they were taken out. An in game kill cam will just allow people in squads to cheat and know other players positions once one gets taken out.
  15. The languages should be altered per region. I am playing bear this wipe and I love the realism but I think they need to have the BEAR's speak in the regions native language with a Russian accent. So in the US it would be English with the Russian accent, Germany, German with the accent etc. It would make it more playable for everyone and not really break realism. I don't know about you guys, but it makes it harder to communicate with other players and the voice sound for "lets cooperate" sounds like a Russian screaming "Dicky Needles" at me. I'm not teaming up with someone who sounds like they are threatening to shove needs someplace, or maybe they have needles in their dick and need help because I'm not pulling them out.