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  1. Trader/Rep

    Ya I went from level 3 skier to level 2
  2. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  3. Crazy Wait Times

    It's laughable at this point. Thousands of people watching streamers wait to play a game..... not good advertisement.
  4. Matching Time????

    Ya man, I've tested plenty of betas and early access' before, your spiel is pointless and repetitive, get off of BSG's jock. Like I said, this isn't a bug or a server issue, and it's been going on long before the stress test. I can say that the game's player base isn't growing that fast to where added servers can't keep up. I am plenty patient and will continue to be. This is a huge reason why people get turned off to this game and why it should be a top priority.
  5. Matching Time????

    The waiting time has nothing to do with the "server issues" you speak of. Nights and weekends bring a lot more players to the game and there is obviously not enough servers. It's ridiculous if you ask me, and it's been going on before the stress test. It's pretty freakin simple really. More servers.
  6. Matching Time????

    SO...... I'm glad I paid $150 for this game to sit and wait for matching....... It's been obvious to the blind that many more servers are needed. Did BSG squander there money??? Or do they plan to add the many servers they promised from the get go? I know for dam sure I didn't pay out the ass to sit and wait to play their game. SMH
  7. Yeah my scav is still broken for sure.
  8. Game Freezing

    First time ever posting here, same problem.... Just recently had a big windows 10 update. U think any relation?