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  1. New players

    Character name Balrog Description A car mechanic by profession, Balrog had to join the special forces unit BEAR once shit hit the fan in the Norvinsk region. His past He has graduated top of his class in the special Spetznaz unit, and have been involved in numerous secret raids in Norvinsk Region and subsequently in Tarkov. He has over 300 confirmed kills. How did he get to Tarkov? He was born and raised in a small village in the outskirts of Tarkov. He knows Tarkov like the tip of his fingers. When his BEAR unit was stranded near the shoreline after a thunderstorm, with most of his team members drowned or taken away by the local Scav population, he knew he had to do something. Predilections He likes his Tushonka served hot and will never say no to a tasty Condensed Milk. Friends He now prefers the company of his specially trained hunting dog, after his unit was murdered and kidnapped. Wounds, and battles He has a large scar on the side of his neck, after he was ambushed, captured and tortured when one of his raids on Factory failed. He managed to kill his captors and escape, but almost died on the way. Aspirations Once the conflict blows over, and the border checkpoints are open again, he wants to meet his girlfriend who had to flee the city at the beginning of the war. They often talk on skype, when he is not fighting, and dream of owning a huge house in the city of Tarkov. The greatest achievement that character did Since the start of the war, 2 years ago, he has single-handedly furnished and serviced with electricity, water and internet a bunker hideout, located at a secreted location in the woods near the Customs zone. If the war doesn't end over, he plans on proposing to his girlfriend and bringing her in to live with him in the hideout. Strength 27 Endurance 25 Accuracy 28 Engineer
  2. I look for Factory Key

    Why don't you focus on playing the game and doing Peacekeeper's quests? This way you will learn the game and you will level your character. The skills you will gain will stay with you for the next patches. Factory key is not that rare anymore, you find it in scav bags quite often now. I already sold 3 spare ones to Fence this patch.
  3. I cant wait to get enough posts to try this thing out. It's getting boring during my lunch breaks at work
  4. A list of suggestions from a Stacked Alpha player

    I posted this on the reddit thread, but didn't get any feedback from OP, so here's it again: As a previously stacked alpha and current stacked beta player myself, I agree with most of your points and I would like to add something: 1) - I agree, Makarov is a blessing when you want to save money and thus I always suggest newbies use it when they start the game. I think they will balance the powerful ammo later on by making it more difficult to get by/not being able to buy so cheaply from traders. 4) - I agree, we need something to change the meta of getting one-tapped to the head. Having a variety cheaper helmets like an old soviet ww2 helmet, that have really low durability but are able to sustain maybe 2 pistols shots to the head or 1 rifles shot to the head would be perfect when you are still aspiring to become stacked 6) - I agree, we need something to make the UI better. Grenades at the moment are difficult to use because when you press G, the grenade is quickly thrown away in the general direction you're looking. If you have it hotkeyed, you can choose between left and right click - left click for further and more accurate throws as it shows his left hand pointing towards where you want the grenade to go and right click for CQB. 7) - I agree, the AK-74u becomes literally unusable on full-auto even as close as 25 metres away. The recoil is just too much and too difficult to control. That being said, its still an awesome mid-range weapon as you can fire very accurately up to 300 metres. 8) - This can be expanded upon. First I would like to note, I really hate when scavs spawn 2 minutes into the raid, loot the factory key, wallets, kill some other scavs, loot weapons and just disappear, sometimes lagging the whole server down. The way I see it as to how scavs should spawn is this - Scavs need their own spawning zone, just as players need to make their way into the map (take customs for example), Player scavs should spawn in their own location, possibly close to the PMC's, where they would have to make their way into the loot zone of the map. This would create fun battles at the beginning of the round as PMC's and scavs meet and start fighting each other. This maybe a good way of reducing hatchlings, as it will be more dangerous to just run around and loot boxes as now there are real scavs that will shoot you without remorse and consequences. On smaller maps such as factory we could have another spawn point on the outside of factory where player scavs would spawn. If you watch the EFT trailer on youtube it shows the actual factory they used to model the ingame one. Player scavs that spawned outside would need to enter the factory wcich will add an extra layer to the depth of the map, making it even more tactical. It could even have a small backstory to it. "Factory was originally held by a SCAV group, but USEC and BEAR are now raiding it to find SCAV's hidden stash of condensed milk." It will make more sense to have something like this, as at the moment its just a kill-on-sight playground. If player scavs spawn together (as in next to each other) this might even reduce the scav-on-scav violence and encourage team-play. 9) - AS VAL and VSS are close to low mid-range weapons, if they didn't hit as hard, given their low magazine capacity, you would leave dead in most encounters. EDIT: It makes sense to be powerful since it's a 9x39mm bullet with almost three times the weight compared to a 5.56x39mm... its a really powerful bullet in real life. 10) - I kind of agree, but I haven't had a lot of issues with the SKS so far and I would still prefer it over a pistol on Woods. 13) - I disagree - 133's can be modded very cheaply. You can put a ribbed barrel if you want a sight, or mod it with a cheap reflex sight. Shotguns are very deadly in CQB up to 50-70 metres and they should stay that way. Git gud? 14) - We will get market adjustments in the near future. I think stocks will be randomized, as well as items will randomly appear and disappear as to prevent people from buying them out immediately, which is fair enough as you cant expect in a barter economy to always have what you need. 15) - And sharper, please. You can barely use it on low settings and in bright sunlight. 16) - I disagree. Anything that puts additional weight on your weapon should have some impact on ergonomics. At the moment it's quite balanced, check out the T-1 Aimpoint, it has -0.1 to ergonomics. Perhaps ergonomics should be scale with the weight of the attachment (And i think they are, notice how a modded M4 weights 4kg and a modded ak weights 6-7kg's. The M4 always handles much more easily than the AK) What we really need is even more lighter attachments, ligher mods, lighter magazines. They stated they will add a lot of weapons and attachments, we probably are seeing less than 10% of what the final game will have. 17) - I agree, the item is unnecessarily rare at the moment. However the eye-cup is really not that great from my experience. It obstructs your field of view to the sides and actually you have slight scope shadow as you're viewing it from further back. 18) - TT magazines are not hard to acquire. I have about 20 of them right now just by trading cigarettes. 19) - I hope they add larger capacity mags for the Saiga, however they should be fairly rare and hard to buy as you now become unstoppable at close range... 20) - I agree, shotguns doesn't feel much deadlier when you add attachments and change barrels to them. I've never shot a shotgun in my life so I can't really say how they can improve them.