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  1. RainmakerM4


    M4 modded or unmodded has WAY too much recoil in comparisson to Ak74 and even AK chambered in 7.62 modded...
  2. RainmakerM4

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    Please no level match making. I didn't buy this game for that. We want random stuff, unexpected stuff always! We want the game to keep us guessing and to be challenging all the time. The best feeling is when you fight against high geared players.
  3. Please stay true to your original idea for the game. Make Tarkov a realistic hardcore experience. All these hardcore features we have like thunderstorms, rain, mag changes, future medical system, future armor system (hopefully armor plates), graphics, maps, enterable buildings, even bloody light switches will work in the future... Stay on track, stay focused and deliver us original idea! P.S. What happened to flashlights? The light from the flashlight does not look as good as before... Optimisation? Will we get good flashlights back?
  4. RainmakerM4

    Upcoming New Mods!

    Nice, crane stock for M4!!! Finally I can finish my Mk18 build. We are only missing rear and front flip up iron sights now! Very exciting mods! Keep them coming ...
  5. RainmakerM4

    Why the middle east server is not in the middle east?

    Turkey is basicaly middle east
  6. RainmakerM4

    Game is Bad

    This guy either he is: a) ignorant as all hell b) has way bellow average IQ c) 10 year old child playing mature game without parents permission or d) he really wants EFT not to succeed for whatever wicked (non) reason.
  7. RainmakerM4

    Very cool video game *sarcasm*

    You've posted 3 exactly the same identical links without a purpose + the ghetto sha li la li le li luu music was hell of a annoying. Not even being sarcastic
  8. RainmakerM4


    Theres no such thing as camping. The word was invented by a 9 year old counter defensive 1.6 player. Its ridiculous to force all people who play EFT to run around like chickens in the game. This is not a counter defense run and gun game. Thats it about blocking the extracts. About killing a fresh spawn, it never happened to me in 0.8 so far (I am not saying that it never happens to others) I thought its impossible to kill a fresh spawn because you can't reach his spawn location in time or the game doesn't spawn him if enemy PMC is near.
  9. RainmakerM4

    new bleed out system or de-snyc?

    You killed yourself by sprinting... Don't sprint if you are bleeding from 1000 bullet holes
  10. RainmakerM4

    Ragman - the new merchant!

    Nice name and artwork!!!
  11. RainmakerM4

    Shiny new items

    Quality as always, thanks guys! I am confident you guys will not let EFT fall short in terms of netcode/delay issue.
  12. RainmakerM4

    Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    High quality as always. Thank you!
  13. RainmakerM4

    Yellow Ants - YA - Mature unit looking for like minded people: +18

    We are currently taking a new wave of recruits - message me if interested!
  14. RainmakerM4

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Great and VERY exciting news! Thanks for making the game as realistic as possible, you are doing it the right way!
  15. RainmakerM4

    Optics and PEQ15s

    Elcan SpecterDR should be the best assault rifle optic I agree. I dont know why they don't fix it... Really good input