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  1. Shiny new items

    Quality as always, thanks guys! I am confident you guys will not let EFT fall short in terms of netcode/delay issue.
  2. Glock 17 Gen3 Screenshots!

    High quality as always. Thank you!
  3. Yellow Ants - YA - Mature unit looking for like minded people: +18

    We are currently taking a new wave of recruits - message me if interested!
  4. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Great and VERY exciting news! Thanks for making the game as realistic as possible, you are doing it the right way!
  5. Optics and PEQ15s

    Elcan SpecterDR should be the best assault rifle optic I agree. I dont know why they don't fix it... Really good input
  6. How to train strength?

    Its not nonsense. What you are trying to do is nonsense, and to some extent it is exploiting the game mechanics that are not yet finished. I think developers didn't intended you to put 10 000 bags on you and run around with that just to level your strenght. That being explained, the correct and only answer to your question of how to level strenght is, play the game. To add to this, I hope later on this kind of stuff will be impossible to do, and that developers recognise that and fix it.
  7. How to train strength?

    Play the game.
  8. M4A1

    Too bad it has a recoil like it fire 12.7 browning bullets. On the contrary you got AK74 with absolutely no recoil. We can say, in this newest patch, the AK74 is the new M4
  9. Game start error

    Tried reconnecting for 10+ times - no joy...
  10. Game start error

    I can't get into a raid. I get "Game starting error" when the game starts loading loot pools on loading sequence. Is there a fix? I tried reconnecting 5 times. Restarting my game and reconnecting. It doesn't work. Is the game completely broken now? I did a scav run without a problem previously. Thanks Rain
  11. Hey guys, I keep getting killed trough hard cover. Like the game is delayed for few moments. Again had a same/similar thing, I will describe it. Shoreline, gas station, on the beach. I spot a guy jumping the fence where the fire truck is and I light him up (hitting him). Pulling back on the low ground, in full cover, and I am throwing a grenade on him. While I am in grenade throwing animation I drop dead (again, behind full cover). Its like the game showed me on the enemys screen while on my screen I was in cover. Desync, desync, desync. Yes I know. But is anybody have a tactic to remedy a situation like this? And kind of "trick" this desync effectively. It seems like the only thing that can kill me are desyncs and bugs, which are out of my control. Very frustrating. If its a fair fight and a guy beats me fair square then thats on me and I learn something from it. But this just SUCKS.
  12. Red Skill Bar

    45% survival rate is bad. I thought my 70% is bad. LOL
  13. M4A1 Recoil all over the place

    I still didn't learn that with retarded people (like yourself), there is no point to prove or try to explain anything. Because anyway you will turn to your insults, like a subhuman you are. You are probably that kind of a kid who would attach a forward grip on the upper rail and say its practical.
  14. M4A1 Recoil all over the place

    Exactly. Your thinking to start with is not "valid". We are comparing two weapons of different caliber. 7.62 vs 5.56 - where 5.56 punches less kick. But in the game M4 feels like it shoots bigger caliber than AKM. The attachments are out of the discussion now.
  15. M4A1 Recoil all over the place

    Who said anything about attachments?