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  1. Alternate use for MS2000 markers

    Turn up the prices, 1-2 usable per raid, mark loot and have a trader pick it up similar to insurance, nice. Should give off a distinct sound or light though, so that hatchlings don't just run into a raid and mark stuff then kill themselves. Should be done properly though, I'm sure someone will find a way to exploit it.
  2. Hacker Leroymcbong

    ^ This, regardless if they are hacking or not, the anti-cheat will get them in due time. It is designed to collect as many people as possible then ban them all in waves, doing one and one doesn´t benefit anyone.
  3. Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    Don't want a kill cam to give up my position after I kill one of five in a group, no thanks.
  4. Getting Killed

    They will not add kill-cams, and you can see the name of who killed you, that's about all you should know really.
  5. A quick fix to this would to just have loot be more dynamic, change locations of crates where rare loot that is farmed commonly spawn. I happen to find games dull due to the number of hatchlings around.
  6. New Weapons??

    can´t even put a scope on that damn thing without it looking clunky.
  7. This game is no longer fun.

    I think evacuation campers are a part of the game, you think you are so close to the exit and finally out with your gear, but no, there is one final obstacle to escape. Evacuation campers are relatively easy to flush out if you shoot around bushes or throw some grenades around, if not then just clear the area before extracting, or use alternate ones. In my honest opinion I don´t think you should quit the game just because of this, or because you´re being killed while spawning, but even this doesn´t happen every match.
  8. quitting

    bye. I don't get people who spend €35 on this game, die a few times and then quit.
  9. New Merchant: The Mechanic

    Hoping to see some of the upcoming weapons such as the G3 series or AK-100 series from this guy, excited!
  10. The Punisher Pt. 3

    I managed to get this on customs after several tries. My teammates had better luck on factory, seems to be the safest bet for exactly that task.
  11. This game is impossible

    Ideally, you should initiate an assault by pre-establishing entry points, targets, fields of fire and expect a prolonged standoff if the opponent is well prepared. Use speed and surprise to your advantage, i.e what I briefly mentioned in my previous post. If you try to create an overwhelming force by meeting your opponent with a weapon as pathetic as a knife while he is armed with a superior weapon, then you are deliberately setting yourself up for a quick defeat. I´m sorry to hear you didn´t like the game, but you should also keep in mind that it still is work-in-progress, and gameplay or mechanics are subject to change.
  12. This game is impossible

    Kick in doors, check your corners, shoot ´em up. If you sit around a corner for 10 minutes, waiting for someone to come then you´re definitely playing it wrong.
  13. This game is impossible

    If you play as a scavenger, you have to remove the loot after the raid from your character to your inventory, otherwise, you are not able to go back and retrieve it. You have to play the game aggressively and take initiative in fights, don´t sneak around, it´ll only get worse and waste your time. This game isn´t your typical first-person shooter and has a steep learning curve. If you´ve been playing since 1993 (Release of Doom 1) - then I´d expect you to give games a chance instead of flaming after dying a few times, you´ve had plenty of time to adjust and learn that.
  14. This game is impossible

    You´re literally doing everything wrong, and blaming the game whilst doing so. That´s the only laugh there is. You only get insured weapons back if nobody picked them up, you need the proper ammo for the proper mags and weapons, that´s pretty common knowledge. Don´t spend it all at once. Pick your fights better. I pull 250-500K roubles each game with an extra case in my backpack to store my loot. All starts are harsh, just play it right. There are plenty of guides for starters on the web. It is a hardcore realistic first-person survival shooter, if you try to play it like cod then you´re going to have a bad time. The tips I can give you is to not spend your money on anything else than attachments for weapons, or pistols. Learn rare loot spawns, farm then and sell them. Do tasks for easy rewards and experience, don´t pick a fight with anyone who is remotely geared if you don´t even have a paca vest, chances are you´ll die pretty quick.
  15. considering it only was a few weeks ago, I'd say 4-6 weeks. Total shot in the dark though. there are only wipes on major updates if I'm not mistaken