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  1. I also lost 2 level Endurance which was Elite level. I'm jumping with tbag now and I'm losing endurance itself...
  2. tanil

    We are getting Divided because of the Emissary.

    Turkish Emissary threat me with getting banned from game. Issue started shared marked key screenshot photo in the "Chat" area of Turkish EFT Discord channel. They warned me about this situation. It is funny because it is "CHAT" area... People could share their happiness about EFT. Turkish Emissary managing like a Hitler...They decide and making rules with their private young ideas. They could be able to working hard to improve EFT in Turkey. But they have some problem about managment, understanding and people come together.
  3. tanil

    Ban for forbidden software using 

    I don't care banned players. Just fix optimization.. Game is unplayable now.. Why people silent about optimization ? 30-40 fps is normal to play ? Is it fair ?
  4. tanil

    Escape From Tarkov Türkiye YouTube Kanalı

    Escape From Tarkov'u Türkiye'de çok güzel temsil ediyorsunuz. Gözlerimiz yaşarıyor. Yavaş olun hızınıza yetişemiyoruz.
  5. tanil

    7-days free game key

    any key?
  6. tanil

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    tanil#4705 please verify
  7. tanil

    List of collectable quest items

    Good Job Thank you