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  1. When will we see some Lmgs? the way the spawns are going youl need a 200 round belt fed MG to survive the first 5 seconds.
  2. New to the Game General Advice.

    1. Dont get shot 2. you can reset your accound evry 2 weeks.
  3. Is there american rifles in this game?

    ok clearly whoever started this is a troll. please stop
  4. So me and my mate killed multiple people in factory, and quickly looted a few, then suddently 8 scavs spawned straight on top of us and insta headshot. They really need to fix this, i presume its a bug ether way you should not see people spawning.
  5. The fifth (last) wave of Beta admission starts!

    i wonder how much more unstable it could be? can the main login server crash aswell?
  6. Just wondering if theres something you can do when you get stuck in stuff, i tried to log out and in but i gues you cant actually relogg when ur a scav.
  7. Battle State Please Adopt Open Devlopment

    theres as other have said a huge difference, in who is makeing star citizen and the fact that space genre was STARVED before they started. people were looking for something good in the space sim genre for a long time. while although you could argue people are waiting for something bether in whatever this is?. theres plenty of fps games out there. just maby not as detailed in the right way. Also there was the relative early year of the kickstarter craze. Also this is borderlines dayz territory so hyping this up might be counter productive.
  8. Battle State Please Adopt Open Devlopment

    im not really sure what the point is, this isnt star citizen, they arent makeing a huge universe, they are makeing a relatively small fps pvp game, although they dont make many news posts, any question i ever had has been answered, in the FAQ or by other means. I dont feel they are hiding anything from me as progress is slow with a small team, and i dont expect them to blog about their progress daily, because of the language barrier.