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  1. thornis


    Are there any plans of making a pouch for grenades or something similar?
  2. thornis

    Customs "adding"?

    You know the spawn by customs factory area, where you have this "submerged river" or what i should call it, I was thinking if there are any chances making it deeper and/or just adding something down there? I feel like when someone spawn and run over just sitting and watching this "river" and killing everyone coming close to it they have kind of a big advantage, so maybe you could add a little something? Maybe like a bigger boat that has gone aground, something to take a little bit more cover behind and inside of maybe? Maybe a submarine (which you could get inside of and have a mission? )? Maybe the same kind of boat from shoreline ( over to the little island )?
  3. thornis


    Will there be visible damage to armor etc, gunshots or tears while looking/inspecting it in hideout when you add this after raid medical treatments and such? Will there be visible damage to the character too?
  4. thornis


    thank you for the answer, I will wait patient ;D
  5. thornis


    hi, can you guys make like a compass on the watch or something so we can know the directions and so on? does not have to be a thing to watch just a small compass at the wrist watch wich you always see, or is there some sort of compass already?
  6. thornis

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    to the guy sneaking up the stairs on factory as a scav ( I was a scav too) who one tapped me in the head with a 153 shotgun when I jumped down on my way in to bathrooms, was that a misclick or did you mean to shoot me? enjoy my nasty vepr
  7. thornis

    New Interchange Screenshots

    how big is this map going to be? Like factory or bigger, I hope it will be huge so it takes time to go through
  8. thornis

    New Interchange Screenshots

    no realese info yet right? looks great, cant wait to try it
  9. thornis

    whats with all the camping

    the key to factory exits is named "factory" --unrelated but did anyone find a key pouch or something like that?
  10. thornis

    whats with all the camping

    yeah me too, the key in showers is just for the engine room (the key name is "key"), ive been trying to find that factory key for like 10 raids.. my friend killed someone who just looted it on factory somewhere.. -or he was just stupid to have it in his pockets..
  11. thornis

    whats with all the camping

    best would be to find the keys for other exits instead or just flank campers.. it happens all the time at factory..
  12. thornis

    605 error.. NO SERVERS..

    well, here comes the server problem, lets just wait it out..
  13. thornis

    Closed Beta Testing Started!

    the game is running so smooth for me and sure thing i rage quit time to time when i die, but i dont get it why people hate som much at this game? the "desync" got me one time and that time only? Most people probably just get mad when they cant play the game but just die over and over again and rage at the developers.. I love this game.. if any developer reads this, please dont leave this game behind. Just keep on working on it and this will be the biggest game in world history..
  14. thornis

    Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    wow, how long does it take?