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  1. Rebalancing the pouch (Nerfing hatchling runs)

    Hatchet runs will suffer when damage is sustained over raids.
  2. Account reset and gifts

    its in the new years event post
  3. Account reset and gifts

    yes, you can.
  4. In the new year event announcement.
  5. Going from what they've said in dev posts, yes.
  6. Going from what they've said in dev posts, yes.
  7. please look at this devs

    The devs are aware of the silent grenade bug.
  8. Gameplay Suggestion

    I never said it wasn't
  9. Gameplay Suggestion

    I think the best solution to a "gear gap" is to just make gear easily acquirable. The recent safe loot buff is a great idea IMO as it allows people to earn money easily, which in turn they can spend on good gear which leads to better engagements etc.
  10. New system of dynamic storage cells allocation

    If you were keeping up with the game updates, Hideouts are coming which let you expand stash.
  11. The recent banning of CheatEngine users

    You'll only get banned in EFT for having CE running at the same time as EFT, even if by accident and not having it hooked into EFT. There's no way people are getting banned for simply having it installed.
  12. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    It seems the exploit you are doing with sprinting is possibly the reason you sometimes don't hear footsteps.
  13. is it me or is factory not loading?

    Having the issue here. EU player, playing with 2 NAs.
  14. Factory exit key

    Probably a streamer or kind soul giving it away; they seem to be spawning a lot more lately.
  15. EFT Upgrade Question: Make sure you're signed in to see the appropriate price and discount and no, you don't have to buy a new account. You can just upgrade for the difference in price