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  1. On results of the New Year Event

    It can be rough at peek hours. They just need to get more servers up imho.
  2. On results of the New Year Event

    I know this thread is kind of old. But the desync feels the same or worse than in the new year´s event.

    The game is fine. Sure, if you know how to play the game you can replace gear easy but new players dont know that. Not everybody plays all day everyday. Not everybody is a nerd with no social life that spends all his time in front of pixels. It is not casual by any means. But I dont agree what you say to people to leave the game only because they are not fanatic nerds. The more you play the better. I dont want the game to be only playable if you spend all your day on it. Because the game was broken, you even say it but then you say that you liked the feeling, yeah, the feeling of getting buckshot sniped by AI from miles away in the blacked out limbs. That was not even hard, that was game-breaking problems. I would say it is even good that the game can be kind of "easy" once you learn it. It is fun hard. We dont need boring impossible hard. Also, for a lot of people this game might be easy, but new players get destroyed. I am decent at the game, not a pro by any means but I have the situational awareness that newbies dont have. If you play all day everyday it is going to be easy. After I got the hang of the game I realized it was kind of "easy". People like us earn that feeling which is fine but that doesnt mean the game should be even harder. But becasue I learnt, not because of the game being easy for everybody. Maybe a change in the loot tables would be ok so that bitcoins are not as common being twice as valuable as last patch., for example. Or make them spwan that commonly only with very high level strenght. And one feeling that I have: squads can have infinite mone and xp just by killing each other, looting each others dogtags, leaving and repeating. Yah, that makes money meaningless.
  4. ** Server Matching Times

    I was about to ask the same. I keep dying to desync. My weapons shoot ping-pong balls. People have like 5 seconds of time to kill me after me headshotting them and everything, the skill cap right now is super low. It is very easy to do trades. Last raid. I spawned in shoreline. I saw a guy with a TOZ shotgun running to me so I shot him a lot with my Vper using PS rounds, he was using the most a PACA and he ignored all my shots, came to me and shot me twice in the leg and killed me. After dying the game told me I had killed him. The game for me right now is like in the start of the CBT. We are in the same starting point. It got better but now it is really bad. I hope they add the servers this upcoming week or I swear I am gonna punch my monitor and throw my mouse into non-existence if I die to some desync LOL Kappa
  5. ** Server Matching Times

    Servers ....................... FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY!!!! After all this suffering.
  6. Some slight changes with Punisher Pt 3 after patch 0.5

    yeah man, it is really hard, specially with the new spawns. It would not be that bad if they did not count the time spent on loading screens in menus. I recommend you to not loot anything. Maybe spawn in the old school side since it is easier to survive than the new one (in boiler tanks you spawn super close to people and it is chaos most times). Rush construction and bridge, bus stop, and the old gas station. Repeat that a few time spending 10 minutes max per raid and you should be good. Bring at least a Vper KM and PACA to make it happen. The Vper KM with PS ammo goes straight through Kiver and PACA and still penetrates Fort Armour while doing 60 damage to non-armored players and players with lvl II armour (so you do not need M4s or AK-74Ns).
  7. Some slight changes with Punisher Pt 3 after patch 0.5

    I finally did this quest. I do not say this like if it is huge but to say how I did it. I ended it with 15 minutes left. I ran Customs with random spawns going with the Vper Km Ironsights (a tip is to remove the one that you can to see better, in real life that would not work but this is a video game) with PS ammo and Paca, using IFAKs and a lot of Painkillers. Spawning from the boiler tanks I would rush the bus stop scavs, rush construction, see if there were anymore scavs at bridge and extract at RUAF roadblock. Spawning in the old school side, I would rush constrcuntion, get on top of it and snipe any scavs on the bridge, rush the bush stop, go the the checkpoint, check the old gas station for scavs and leave. I died 2 times, one to a player that followed me hearing all the masacre (I did not pay attention to my back, I knew I had him on my tail but I was on a rush LOL) and in the boiler spawn to a lucky headshot from a guy with a pistol. I got stuck in the awaiting session start screen 2 times. I shut down my game and reconnected. Luckily I did not die when I re-logged. I spent around 10 minutes as maximum per raid not looting anything unless it was really good loot like MP5s or guns like hat. It was a hell of a quest. There were a few situations in which I think that I was gonna give up and rage quit but finally I did it. Now stuck at Punisher Part 4 with the PMC kills in shoreline. Thank you for all the replies.
  8. Some slight changes with Punisher Pt 3 after patch 0.5

    thats a good idea. the AKM is such a solid gun with disgusting penetration.
  9. There should be an option so that we can hit people doing frontal leg kicks quicky in close quarters combat fighting and also hit with our weapon stock. This would be super useful for fighting hatchlings when you have gear and they are right on you. In the game trailer a BEAR does a front leg kick to a USEC with a knife
  10. Exit Camping

    I have been thinking they could add radioactive stuff to the exit zones, so that if you exit camp too much you die eventually.
  11. Exit Camping

    in the other maps now it is really not that easy to do as in the past builds. But in factory some people do that. They do not know how to play the game. They do not learn combat, what to do. And if they are lucky and kill people like you, when they take the gear out hey will lose it fast because they do not know how to play. I always expect exit-campers. It is easy to counter them. Always expect them. Open the first door, expect an exit camper. Go left side of the cargo conatiner to see if there is anyone exitcamping. Then open the second door. Throw a nade if you want. If not peak paying attention and get your trigger finger ready. Those are all the tips I can tell ya.
  12. It really sucks when a hatcling one-shots you when you are fully geared, (whever I get punched in the head by a hatchilng in my screen they are 2 metres away but you know what guys ... game fixed). Adding the Kolpak-1s helpem for sale would be really nice.
  13. What you say is true. They spawn from thin air next to the spawns way too early on the raid. Make them spawn maybe 15/20 seconds after the raid start not in spawn areas.
  14. Some slight changes with Punisher Pt 3 after patch 0.5

    thank you guys for the feedback. I think that not counting the time spent in menus and loading screens would be a good idea, because not everyone has the EOD stash to have some loadouts ready or an SSD to load the game 5 times faster than someone with a non-gaming PC. Also what you say about giving us maybe a little bit more time that would be great. I agree on making things hard but not impossible. Sure, you have to do a challenge whatever (not loot anything, speed-rush the map to get the scav kills) to get to Prapor Level 4 but not make it impossible to a lot of players.
  15. So the patch 0.5 recently landed with the introduction of the new spawn and extraction system. It also made it so that in time limited quests the timer stops when you meet the requierements so that you dont have to leave the raid like mad man and go kamikaze to the exit or disconnect. The Punisher Part 3 consists, as we all know, in killing 25 scavs in customs under 1 hour. I just want to open a constructive discussion in this topic to see what everybody thinks about it. On the latest patches, you all spawned on the river side of the map, so you could get ahead of the players and rush the AI scavs. There were also more scav areas (for example now there arent any scavs at the military checkpoint, the shortcut wall or the gas station before the checkpoint). With the latest update PMCs spawn in opposite sides of the map, so you are going to have a lot of PvP in the center of the map, there is going to be a big choke. Also with the latest update, there are less scavs in customs (removing the scavs from the chekpoint, the shortcut wall and the big gas station drastically reduces the number of scavs in the map). So now the Punisher part 3 is even harder than in the latest update. Before you could get ahead of the players and let them play the map normally , as I said, while you were killing all the AIs in a timer race. Now, there are less scavs and you cannot forget about players because of the opposite spawns. I want to keep clear that I am not criticizing then new spawn and extraction system. I am just saying that the Punisher part 3 needs some changes. If before the update, you still got to hurry up really bad and be somewhat of a good/skillfull player rushing the map not playing methodically going kamikaze and hoping to not get killed in the back or be followed ................... now it is really kind of impossible. I know this game is supposed to be hardcore and you gotta feel that progression. I like the feeling of the game. I like how it is unforgiving and when you die you are probably going to lose all your gear. I like the methodical gameplay. But I do not like impossible quests that before the update you could still kind of do if you went really fast, now you are not going to do it unless you are a god at this game or something like that., or you get amazing RNG luck whatever. Because most bots are in the construction yard which is a big PvP area....... and you are in a hurry ................ Discuss this in the comment section down bellow. I am not a god at this game. I learnt a lot in the past build. Now I know very good the basics and I feel like I have got the hang of it if you know what I mean. But everytime I go to the tasks menu and see Punisher Part 3 I get discouraged.