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  1. We're still growing, feel free to join. We are now around ~ 16 people. German translation: Wir sind täglich am wachsen und du bist jederzeit willkommen zu joinen. Wir sind mittlerweile ~ 16 Leute.
  2. We are now a few more people for a few Squads. Feel free to join to the discord. German Translation: Mittlerweile sind wir ein paar Leute mehr und können mehrere Squads gleichzeitig aufmachen. Wenn du Interesse hast join einfach dem Discord.
  3. Tryst

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Tryst#0048 pleasy verify. Thank you.
  4. Of course you can also just answer here and do not have to go directly to the Discord. German Translation: Natürlich könnt ihr auch einfach hier antworten und müsst nicht direkt auf den Discord gehen sondern könnt auch hier einfach schreiben.
  5. We are currently 3-5 german Tarkov players who have been playing for half a year. If you're sick of being swamped by squads, you want to fight against more than just hatchlings, and you want to play coordinated in a squad join our (german) discord: https://discord.gg/ddGCJtZ or leave me a message. We usually play from ~ 6-23 pm GMT+1, at weekends "open end". About us: A mixed bunch between 23-33 years old. So if you're at least 18+ it will fit. Are we a clan or something? Nope just a small group of players who have been playing together (some even for years). Are we only playing Tarkov? Nope! From Tarkov to PUBG, Hearts of Iron IV, World of Tanks, Siege, Warframe, Dark Souls, etc., it's all here. So if you have the urge to play something else: We are there! Those of us who own a PS4 are already in the Monster Hunter Worlds hype. Do you want to just play and have fun? Just join our Discord and play with us.