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  1. Flash Drives.

    Your best chance is still that one woods spawn, they can also spawn even more rarely at the camp site beyond the dorms on customs, on the left side right next to the lootable duffle bag, might be a waste of time to farm that spot though.
  2. ETA on Full release?

    Ironic that if you had used it, you'd see nothing comes up.
  3. Bug: Weapon will not discard in raid

    To fix it you just need to alt f4 and rejoin.
  4. probably a bug, you should be hearing some kind of impact even if it's a VAL as it wasn't a 1 shot.
  5. Loot multiplier

    Persistent damage and removal of hatchet runs don't correlate, you can easily make enough money to pay for your losses by looting a few safes, profit will be down of course but I don't think it will truly get rid of hatchet runners.
  6. Asking for gifts isn't a great way to get gifts
  7. I believe in full release it will be limited to only EOD players so you can't pick it up from a body.
  8. How does SCAV raids work?

    It may take some time, but you will be able to tell the difference between AI and player after a while, make sure you're also able to identify the differences between scav, Bear and USEC also.
  9. I need some help

    People run this game with 900 series cards, and they say it runs fine. CPU is definitely the more important factor and RAM currently, although if your gpu is old or not that powerful, it may play a factor to bad performance.
  10. Throwing-knives!

    No need, just use a pistol, throwing knives wouldn't do a thing to armour, at least with 9mm pst it's still possible to headshot through a kiver.
  11. Unclear on what ammo to buy

    I use the wiki too, I don't know why mk255 is better than m995, and apparently it was nerfed although no confirmation on that so I doubt it, it probably will be toned down in the future though. Either way I don't know why the devs made mk255 better, it shouldn't be, but currently yes it is the best M4 ammo.
  12. patchnotes

  13. Door Desync

    Desync has been a problem for a long while, I'm sure the devs are planning on fixing it, but they probably already know of the issues doors can cause with the game.
  14. What would be the point of this? You want someone who kills you while you're in full gear to get more money from said kill?
  15. Stash size

    Upgradable stashes are coming in a few patches, if not next patch.
  16. Skier Chemical P1 220 key

    It still spawns under the jacket in the train carriage, but any filing cabinet can spawn it also. It seems to be more rare this patch but I have found a few iirc.
  17. Saiga Drum Mag

    Just keep in mind balance is not a word that is relevant when talking about guns in Tarkov, if it's true to real life, it has a chance of being in the game and true to how it is IRL.
  18. If you have betrayed her once, you should have gotten the "Trust Regain" makeup task, if you betrayed her twice then you might be stuck, that happened to me last major patch with Skier and I got stuck at level 3. They might have changed it this patch but I'm not sure, otherwise you may just be stuck.
  19. Saiga Drum Mag

    Ideally we'll have many variations of mags for every gun we will see in the future, I'm sure at some point they will be adding more various items for weapons, but it will probably be after release or during open beta when more content will probably be coming out.
  20. Push for squad play

    Well let's hope not, if they force team play, they better make it a team game in which you literally spawn with a team of randoms and can communicate without there being any form of distrust and risk of being team killed, don't know how they'd do that though... Forcing solo players to rely on knowing someone who has bought the game and works well with them is a bad idea. Not everyone can or wants to play in a group, but if we literally are forced to, the game might need to become another version of contract wars.
  21. Container Weight/Stacking

    It's not really an exploit, you can stack bags inside of bags whether it's in your container or not, however I agree some reworking needs to be done in regards to this as well as the strength system, as currently leveling strength is limited to very few ways of doing so. It's kind of good that you can only level strength if you specifically focus on it as it gives the players who spend time working on it the advantage, but at the same time I feel like it should be a little more accessible for all players.
  22. Angled Sights

    Yep, as stated lvl 3 peacekeeper, NcStar MPR45 Backup mount.
  23. Why cant I extract?

    Press "O" to bring up your assigned extraction points, might be that those aren't valid because of where you spawned.
  24. Bullpup Drop-In Kits

    @Tactical_Fister Don't see what point all this complaining is for. When bullpups get added, the devs will deal with the stats, if they are as bad as you like to think they are, then they will be represented as such. It really doesn't matter if a gun is bad for whatever reason, if it gets added it will represent the gun in real life and will include the performance issues with it, but that itself won't deter it from being added to the game - just look at the vpo-209 and the mr-133.
  25. Player scavs ruining the game

    Best thing you can do is run from them upon spawn and let all the other player scavs sort eachother out, meanwhile look for dead PMCs where player scavs aren't. Then the AI should sort out the other remaining player scavs.