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  1. Kind of sabotage folder 0052

    thanks i will search for it now
  2. Hello, ive been searching for ages where i can find folder 0052 for skier. does anybody know were i can find it ? thanks
  3. LEAD (PMC) SITREP #03

    I want in
  4. Kiekaboo :P

  5. [RISE] - Risen Coalition Gaming - 18+ Discord community

    - Age? 22 - Timezone? central - What level were you in the previous patch? 40 - Do you have understanding of all 3 maps? yes - How much overall game knowledge do you have? (9/10)
  6. Sneaky Bastard

  7. The Cheater Battle Wages On!

    Scav's are hackers
  8. Are you going to increase the player count also ?
  9. The Escape From Tarkov Extended Alpha has started!

    if you want guaranteed access you should upgrade or should have bought edge of darkness pack before you bought you knew you wherent getting access 100% so. Not a scam at all
  10. Few days in russian means 2-3 weeks. Everybody knows that I am waiting tho...
  11. Alpha/closed beta key for pre-ordering the EoD edition?

    I agree i started a post like this way back also
  12. Aplha or beta key giveaway

    Hello, ive bought the 100 package and its not staded that we get keys to give away for friends to try the game. Maybe its a good idea to give people who bought a package and can play arleady to give them 1 or 2 keys so that friends can try the game for like 2 days or something. I think it wil realy be helpfull for u guys and boost the playerbase. is this something you would consider ?
  13. Black Friday: 30% discount on preorder packages!

    Sorry maybe a stupid question but if I buy Edge of Darkness pack can i play afther i downloaded or does there need to be a alpha phase active before i can play