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  1. I have no problem with normal scav other than they seem to die rather slowly even tanking headshots. Scav boss AI stupid, just plain stupid. I have been one/two tapped in the head so many times now and their reaction time is inhumanly fast. Not even while actively fighting them, I just get one tapped 0.5 seconds after i turn a corner not joking.
  2. netnix

    Can anyone explain this?

    why? streamers have said it before, let everyone know how to do the glitch. It's the fastest way to get it fixed
  3. netnix

    Game down?

    yeah it did for me too. still had 4 minutes left as I extracted, after that it kicked me with errors to the login screen without being able to offload my scav. GG battlestate
  4. netnix

    Game down?

    as a scav too?? because i know it does as a PMC
  5. yes, battlestate's update announcement proces is nonexistent
  6. netnix

    Game down?

    yeah great planning by battlestate to kill the servers the moment they do it without any countdown. lost full gear FN Fal and ak by it
  7. netnix

    I don't get it

    maybe join the unofficial discord to find other people to play with
  8. netnix

    Cheater paradise......

    hope it was a good lasagne
  9. netnix

    Toxic Community

    join the unofficial discord and find people to play with
  10. netnix

    Luncher Update issue

    start a support ticket
  11. netnix

    Kill trading

    same, been getting kill trades alot as well
  12. Then accept having a little longer load time. You choose to not play the game on a SSD, accept the consequences. It's like complaining that some people have more frames than you because they chose to spend 500$ on an better gpu. Also looking at the ssd prices, the cheapest 120gb ssd is 30-40$.