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  1. BlanketParty

    do they still have a use?

    I will find you, and i will kill you...*insert good luck *
  2. BlanketParty

    Selling doc's bag

    100,000 rubles
  3. BlanketParty

    Small chance to down npc's

    It's probably been suggested but i was thinking with this new hunting mechanic (which is fabulously whooping my ass as of late, ps :thank you devs (o: ) I was hoping maybe we could also see more in depth scav to scav interactions like having a small chance to down a scav , and he's just sitting holding the most wounded part of his body making those injured noises ( as one would in real life) . Of course this would have some drawbacks like giving your position away i suppose but the fact that they always die no matter what is kind of lame, although i love the ragdoll animations. Also when an npc is downed he could be used as bait, lets say you happen to down an npc and alert scavs to your position. you realize hes downed so you can use it to your advantage, you hide and scavs show up to their downed teammate hearing his crys for help , one scav from the bunch of scav goes over to help the downed scav. it would be interesting to be able to see this play put from a distance as well i think . but idk , its just my opinion. What do you guys think?
  4. BlanketParty

    Literally cant play the game

    That has magically disappeared too
  5. BlanketParty

    Literally cant play the game

    Every time i open the launcher it has me sign in( which wasn't the case before today) and when i enter my password it logs me in but pops up with a window saying ACCESS DENIED. The play button that usually displayed at the bottom right hand side is no where to be found and i cant launch the game to play at this point .