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  1. Biggerfoot

    Add civilian M4s-m16s

    I feel like the ak-74n has civilian versions so the m4 should as well like the m16a1 m16a3 in single fire modes/ burst fire modes.
  2. Biggerfoot

    Invincible scav player.

    Yeah I had killed 4 scavs on factory and there was a body pile and one dead scav had the biggest back pack in the game but i could never loot them because there was a flying invincible scav that would not die but would kill you if you got close
  3. Biggerfoot

    Factory key spawns

    I have never even seen a ssd in game or even a wallet ingame
  4. Biggerfoot

    SLUG's !!!!

    thats 300 meters to kill a deer but in this game it only does 35 damage at 100 meters and yes a 12 gauge slug is about the diameter of a quarter but a solid ball/bullet of metal and would break your sternum/breast bone if it hit you with a bullet proof vest on or stop your heart
  5. Biggerfoot

    Body armor vs bullets.

    There was no lag while this happend i have explained that in my post which is still pending approval but i hit a player 16 times with a ak-47n and he had paca on and he had anuff time to turn around and kill me http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/41532-unrealistic-bullet-damage/
  6. Biggerfoot

    Grenade Bag or box

    Simple a 2x2 grenade box such as the pistol case in which it space is 2x2 but it can hold 3x3 of only grenades
  7. Biggerfoot

    Body armor vs bullets.

    Yeah i know the new ak i have shot a guy 10 times in the paca and it didnt go through the paca
  8. Biggerfoot

    Latest Scav Supersoldiers

    Something was changed server side last night with the bots for sure now they snap on you when you aim at them from any distance and they have been standing still way more since yesterday SO they devs probably tweaked something last night
  9. Biggerfoot

    Bronze lion ?!??

    Whats this YO? Big Money!
  10. Biggerfoot

    Getting the Game balanced for the new Players

    Your original post makes no sense what so ever there shouldn't be a offline mode in which you can loot and there shouldn't be weapon balancing because i have downed Fully geared players with only a pistol or more often a hatchet, the key is to play using different styles of attack based apon what you have at your disposal, if you have a pistol and you rush the map or a area yeah your going to get killed as you should, you need to learn to stalk the map and players and know when it is time to strike best with whatever weapon you are using. This isnt cod this is a realistic shooter where if you are matched against a more geared opponent you must take a realistic approach to killing them irl you wouldn't bring a knife to a gun fight but in certain situations the knife can get the edge on a gun. There should be no weapon balancing in the game that would break the game completely and make fire fights completely unrealistic.
  11. Biggerfoot

    Safe to assume no patch today?

    No wipe today its 1pm in Russia they said 2-3 days its the 4th day so
  12. Yeah people eat this poo the duck up omg they added a new ducking scope there doing so much to the game omggggggg and people dont even understand that kotton and klean and all the big streamers never have problems with there games because there the one advertising the damn game and are under the thumb of the devs. This game isnt being worked on like i thought it would have been being there are still bugs that havent been worked out of the game and still exist in the game now for multiple months. ducking idiots really think that like they reported the full game being out by the end of the year its not going to happen they might not even have shoreline and the hideout done by the end of the year like you people are too ducking gullible For a dev team that updates there game and then finds out that because of the very 35mb update they put out, 100s of people can no longer play the game because the update broke the game and then refusing to address or even fix the problem is very shocking and tells the whole tell of how there operating
  13. Okay the game is a competitive shooter if you are faster and a better shot you win and dont die lol do you not understand the basics of the game this isnt happy fun share time where we all are freinds no its whom ever is a better killer wins at the game Secondly who tf said anything about rust or ark you ducking pleb ? Number three read there terms of service before you go talking about that because it is a game not a test i paid for a game 4 Okay but it is pointless to build a gun and put any time into a weapon if you just going to loose it from the game being so bad not even another player but the game that is in fact broken 5 Again you ducking cutie no one said anything about dark souls or ducking being invincible 6 Okay a wipe is a wipe but there is 150 % desync in the game lol have you heard the ducking footsteps in everygame ?6 No Bots shoot you through walls through objects and trees and bushes and all careless lol my k/d is 7
  14. Yeah im pretty much losing interest in the game as a whole ;( its just not competitive or survival based anymore its just literally bugged based and there is no point to playing and building a weapon in which you wanna play well so you dont lose but end up losing anyway from someone or something shooting you and you cannot see them mainly because of desync or lag or just a aimboting bot i mean i dont know what to say for tarkov like its just going to the uninstall folder for me for right now;( I just dont see the point to doing a raid collecting poo and building a decent setup just to lose it all to desync or a bug or a hacker even or just bots that are more dangerous then people.