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  1. Juqqis

    Bitcon Bug, DON'T STACK THEM

    same thing happened to me. i did have 5 bitcoins in stack now i have only 1.
  2. Juqqis

    Looking to try out the game?

    SPG4D-C2CCI-3BF2W-IJ95U there is one code, have fun guys!
  3. Juqqis

    Escape From Desync

    Im usually i very patient person, but lately im so ducking tired of this lagging/desync poo. at the moment its just endless loop of poo. I know the game is in "beta" duck we all know it should be alpha state. Its very hard to to play, test the game and give feedback and bug reports if u cant even play 5minutes without these constant lags and desync. I have played this game so much and i just love it, but now its time for me to take a break. I really hope this game is someday good and finished, but for now this game dont work, patches and updates are useless because foundation of game is just broken.
  4. Juqqis

    Quest Mega Thread

    Hey i got a problem with chemical p1. i cant find that damn document on train cart. is it moved somewhere else or is it bugged?
  5. I continue playing and struggling only thing to do is let the devs do their work in peace and hope this game is someday lag/desync free.
  6. I love the game, but this patch is not good atleast at the moment. i have very high end pc and really good broadband and i have huge desync,hitreg and lagging problems all the time.
  7. Juqqis

    Hits not registering

    maybe its the desync then. lets wait and see what future brings.
  8. Juqqis

    Hits not registering

    Does someone else have problem with hit reg too?. after patch about 75% with my shots dont register and i cant understand what has happened, last patch it was okay. my broadband is 200mb/50mb and i live in finland. anyone has any ideas? Sorry for my bad english.
  9. Juqqis

    Quest Mega Thread

    Hey! i got a problem i was doing chemical pt 4 i planted the marker in the chemical van and when i had about 30secs left i was killed and now i cant do it anymore i have tried 4 times and i cant plant marker in the van anymore. Someone got any ideas? thx
  10. I have 32gb ram and it doesnt help poo. longer i stay in map higher the ram usage goes. i played woods i stayed there about 20mins and i got 18gb ram usage.
  11. Juqqis

    BEAR and usec

    It doesn't matter now, u can play with them all u want.
  12. Juqqis

    How old are you?

    30, Finland
  13. Juqqis


    Moro! Täälläkin olis yksi jantteri lisää lihamyllyyn peliseura kelpais kyllä, et viestiä vaan jos nappaa.