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  1. RedCitadel

    Guess what the place is! Vol.6

    Grenade box on shoreline near the powerplant
  2. RedCitadel

    Forum Moderation Team hires again!

    A Plus guys, hope to be included. Love this game!
  3. RedCitadel

    "If I was in Tarkov, I would ..." Continue this sentence.

    Shoot anything that moved until I died, I hate people.
  4. RedCitadel

    Fix PVE Hole in the wall, Factory1

    Hole in the wall on third story PVE side in factory, is the most buggy thing in the world, if you dont hit it perfectly and at full spring your character glitches into it and runs on the spot not able to move. Has killed me numerous times and is getting very, very annoying. Its not a hard fix a simple hitbox change will be all it takes. Please take the time to fix this thank you. - RedCitadel
  5. RedCitadel

    Why I Love The New Health System*

    Hey guys im here to cutie about the health system, well a small piece of it. The dehydration kills you way to fast, i killed a scav with a fort armor, was running to exit on shoreline, he had blacked out my stomach, within a minute i fell over dead, dehydration doesn't kill you that fast even in real life. wtf!
  6. RedCitadel

    Why I Love The New Health System*

    THAT WAS MEEEEEEEEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I reconize your name now, you had a ak74 u and were inside container on customs right
  7. RedCitadel

    Why I Love The New Health System*

    Hey i did that yesterday funny as poo.
  8. RedCitadel

    What am I supposed to do!?

    Hey man hop in this discord around 200+ people we all pretty much play tarkov it's a youtubers discord name is ShoSho, discord.gg/shosho
  9. RedCitadel

    Is getting weapons/money to easy?

    During Development. AKA right now loot is easier to get so that we have time to test it and have some fun, if its super hard to get then not a lot of people will be able to test the items and we wont find the bugs/balance problems with them. All i am sure will be changed with the planned armor re-work new weapons being added all the time, new maps and everything. Plus it wipes with major updates which would mean if it takes a month or multiple months for a casual to get the good gear then it would only the the hardcore players who would get the high tier and probably broken gear, but they would never say anything about it for the most part because why fix something that is giving you a advantage.
  10. RedCitadel

    Map website

    Thank you very much, i have used these links in my help section on the discord!
  11. RedCitadel

    Aleady bad run/crouch mouse wheel game mechanics.

    ah sorry orbixal. C is the default i have changed it to ctrl
  12. RedCitadel

    Aleady bad run/crouch mouse wheel game mechanics.

    From what i have seen i don't believe you would be able to do that. the default is CTRL to crouch and z to prone.
  13. RedCitadel

    EOD Edition

    new system. YES we must have CLUB, Drinks on me! Cheeki Brekki!