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  1. Dear DEVs of EFT, first of all: thank you for a great game, we all had and will have great moments in Tarkov. Sugesstion: Instead of spreading valuable infos about upcoming patches across your forum (single comments, pinned threads), in livestream „interviews“ (klean, kotton …), how about a section on your website/forum dedicated to Patch-Notes, with a fix URL like we all can bookmark and check from time to time?! Bonus (optional): Blog-like Updates from you (weekly / monthly) with informations on what you guys currently work or plan to work, problems in development, what to expect for the next update … screenshots maybe. I think the community would be thankful for this, at the moment its a pain in the a$$ to get all informations, PLUS: we never know if legit information or „somebody heard from somebody“. Please give us more news on a regular basis. Thank you!
  2. In Game VOIP via Character

    I like the general idea of this suggestion, BUT I fear the „heavy breathers“, trashtalkers and „my-music-is-playing-so-loud-so-everyone-can-enjoy-it“ … so, MUTE option, please.
  3. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    4579 MB (says my launcher, 1st install)
  4. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    I assume their servers cant keep up with the launcher update cheese (4 GB Update HYPE a hour ago). Or do you download right now with 7MBit/s in EFT Launcher?
  5. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Since almost everybody is Offtopic: Upgraded and got lucky, now I have installed Launcher first time, clicked Install, but can only download with 200 KB/s. What a cheese! Tested with Steam: Download with 1,2 MBit/s possible.
  6. Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    While we wait for the breaking news … here´s a little FAKE PREVIEW!