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  1. Lolsteelz

    Scope Lag issues

    Yes, that has been brought up a lot. But, if you read the post you'd know that I've already spoke of that issue and it's not that. This problem occurs while even having the scope attached to the weapon. Not only ADSing. I'm asking if anyone else has had the issue of it seeming to try and render as if they where scoped in, when they're not.
  2. Lolsteelz

    Scope Lag issues

  3. Lolsteelz

    Scope Lag issues

    Hey guys, I know players have had issues with scopes dramatically drop their FPS and it's a problem I use to have in earlier versions of the game. For awhile, it got A LOT better to the point where I didn't lose a really noticeable amount of frames when using 4x scopes or anything of the type. . But for some reason, here more recently(with the update that released the new Interchange map) I've gotten a HUGE problem with any type of zoomed scope(Not red dots, EOTechs, ect.). Whenever I have any zoomed scope equipped I lag dramatically. This lag occurs even when not scoping AND when scoping in(becomes worse). Just with the weapon with the scope being in my hands this lag happens. I haven't seen anyone else post about an issue like this one. Has this been a problem others have been having that I just haven't seen? This has REALLY hurt the my enjoyment of this game because I'm forced to have to use only red dot like scopes. And being a play that typically enjoys going into raids with full gear along with a M4/AK with a HAMR/Red-Dot or something of the such this issue has been a huge thorn in my side. . FPS goes from a normal 60-70, to 40 with a scoped weapon in my hands AND 20 FPS when scoped in Is this a problem other players have been having? If so, are there any fixes or things I can do that will help this? I miss using scopes =[.
  4. I'd love one Haven't been able to find one at all.
  5. Lolsteelz

    "Server Connection Lost"

    No with this. It just keeps giving you the "Server Connection Lost" and just deletes your gear. I have close to no problems with lag on this game. Servers use to lag a good bit, but I barley have lag issues now.
  6. Lolsteelz

    "Server Connection Lost"

    The "Server connection Lost" and not being able to reconnect and losing gear when I have to "Confirm Leave" is getting pretty old quick. Use to never have this problem, but it's been non-stop sense the release of the Asia servers. Is there any idea of when a fix will come around for this? I don't mind losing gear, but losing set after set of Fort with AS VALs and not even being able to get in the raid is kinda lame. Just making sure this is a known problem since it can't be reported like a normal crash.
  7. Lolsteelz


    Is there still a planned wipe coming up soon? Upgraded my account a little ago and reset my account and haven't been wanting to level and what not if it's going to be wiping soon. Heard it was in like 1-2 weeks around 4 weeks ago. Just trying to check if there is still going to be a wipe or if I was completely miss informed. Can't seem to find much information about it anywhere on the forums and what not so.
  8. Lolsteelz

    Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    Thanks, and I did. If you would of taken the time to read my post you would of understood I was asking if we would get the notice via email and if I heard wrong when I was told all beta would be out by the end of the month. Thanks for the information though.
  9. Lolsteelz

    Closed Beta Testing: Additional Info

    So I pre-purchased Escape from Tarkov earlier this month. Just the basic 44$ kit(sorry, wish I coulda donated more!). It seems the closed beta has been opened, but I don't see any way to download it. Guess it still has to get around to some of us? Will we get an Email for when it's ready? Was under the impression we'd have it before the end of this month.
  10. Lolsteelz

    Escape from Tarkov launcher

    Hey, I can't seem to post my own topic. The "Topic" selection won't let me click on anything so gonna ask here. Think it's the same idea. I just pre-ordered Escape from Tarkov. . Is there any launcher or game download? Trying to pre-download the game so I will be able to play as soon as beta opens. But I can't seem to find ANY link or way to download the game. Is there not a way until the close beta opens?