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  1. Killcam

    <- That way actually.
  2. Have a glass of Whine

    I spawned inside someone once.
  3. Female Escape From Tarkov Model

    not enough money or time to include all the genders ;P
  4. IT'S JULY!! :D

    same. It took me 2 days of playing to get my inventory full. now I just farm gear and sell it for dollars to buy m4's and other cool tacticool stuff
  5. IT'S JULY!! :D

    YAY. KNOWLEDGE! hard to come by sometimes here. I agree. Desync is temporary yet is causing people to raise concerns for the future of the game -.- it has nothing to do with the game and was only present after the recent patch. It will be solved soon and people are loosing their minds. I can play just fine I have a survival rate of 79% after over 30 rounds. Learn the game and just play. ITS ALPHA. If you come here expecting a launch ready title then you suffered brain damage at some point in your life.
  6. IT'S JULY!! :D

    Who's ready for Beta!!?? ;D
  7. Smoking

    Lol how will you do that with no ammo?
  8. The first wave of counter-cheating bans

    Just because you know it's happening doesn't help. If you can get a hold of the hack itself you gain access to the files. You can see exactly what loopholes they are going through to allow the hack to work. Then you close those off so they can't do it anymore. Quite literally tearing the hack apart and disabling those options to that hack and any other using the same method.
  9. Beta Timeline

    You will if you upgraded to EOD. If not you just get the additional gear and benefits of whatever package you got. Nah I'm happy waiting for the beta. I just want info. I'll pay $50 for standard instead of $150 for limited. I'd rather be fully encased in darkness than be on the edge
  10. Beta Timeline

    Yea why can't everyone have alpha? After all it's 2017.
  11. Beta Timeline

    All I wanted was a new expected progress plan it turned into an argument over a delayed game. We all know it's delayed and ya it sucks because we want to play. But can we have a list of some sort on what needs to be done still so we can follow along with development?
  12. Beta Timeline

    I actually agree with that. As sad as it is I feel like it's true. Having an early access title is like having god mode on to protect them from any scrutiny. "hey this game is poo!!"..."BUT ITS NOT OUT YET". Then nothing changes ever. Like Dayz. Even the lead developer Dean Hall bailed on the project. People get cancer just by hearing those words.. DayZ. (4 People died of cancer from this post due to inappropriate language)
  13. Beta Timeline

    Does anyone know if there is a new timeline planned for beta? I know they just added new waves for Alpha testing, but I haven't seen a 2017 timeline for expected progress dates. There was a 2016 version but since then there has been no revised table. Would be nice
  14. Hardware bans

    see poll.