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  1. Genuine question, bought the EOD edition a few weeks ago and I'm not really getting on with the game that much for various reasons (one being I just don't have the time this game requires to enjoy at a decent level). I noticed there is a 'change login' option so in theory I could sell my account and change the login details to the new owner, unless it's against any rules? Obviously it's really hard to judge how a game will be before you buy it, and EFT EOD was quite an expensive gamble. It's not the end of the world and I knew it was a gamble when I bought it but it would be quite handy to know I could recoup some of the money if I wanted to and also it would mean an EOD edition wouldn't go to waste.
  2. WazzaShifty

    How do the servers work?

  3. WazzaShifty

    How do the servers work?

    I hear people on YouTube in Factory for example saying that there is only 6 PMC's allowed on that map, so what does that mean exactly: Is that me and 5 other PMC's? Are they split equally between 3 BEAR's & 3 USEC's? If I kill all of the other PMC's do any more spawn in at all during the raid? How many SCAV's are allowed, and how many of them can be player SCAV's, and again if they are killed do more spawn in? Do PMC's & SCAV's just keep spawning in as the others die to keep the server at full capacity all the time? It would be handy to know how it works so I know what I'm up against.
  4. WazzaShifty

    EOD Edition

    I did mate, I was impressed by the used one from eBay so I ordered a brand new one and sold the used to a mate for cheap. The only thing that's taking time at the minute is learning to use the paddle for crouch/prone instead of the scroll wheel, I've used the scroll wheel for crouch/prone ever since I started PC gaming so it's a hard habit to change. (I did actaully try switching it around in game, using the scroll for crouch/prone and the paddlel for adjusting walking speed and crouch height, which worked great in game BUT wasn't so good in the menu or when that little menu pops up for opening doors as the paddle scrolls too fast!) Also I can't get the mouse software to calibrate the mouse to the mouse pad but it still works great anyway!
  5. WazzaShifty

    EOD Edition

    I did it, I just bought EOD, I'm sure that mouse will do the job when it arrives.
  6. WazzaShifty

    21:9 ultrawide support

    Awesome! Thanks!
  7. WazzaShifty

    EOD Edition

    Well after you mentioned it I had a quick look on the Roccat website then on eBay and saw one cheap so bought it right away. Sounds like it'll do the job nicely. I'm sure it won't take me too long to learn to crouch/prone with my thumb on that paddle rather the scroll wheel I'm used to.
  8. WazzaShifty

    EOD Edition

    That's a great idea to have fire mode on scroll clicks, I've never actually used the left and right scroll clicks while gaming.
  9. WazzaShifty

    EOD Edition

    I REALLY don't know why I didn't think of getting another mouse, I guess my Logitech G500 has been so good for years that I never even considered it as an upgradeable item! You may have just allowed me to actually join EFT!
  10. WazzaShifty

    EOD Edition

    Ah yeah of course, that might be the answer then! I've just bought a used Tyon for just £25 on eBay, when it arrives I'll test out the paddle thing in another game (Squad probably) and see if that works for me, and if it does I'll buy EFT, I'll probably miss out on the EOD edition though now as I won't have the mouse for a few days. Thanks AODqw97 for the suggestion.
  11. WazzaShifty

    EOD Edition

    Thanks, did you bind the paddle using the mouse software or the games UI?
  12. WazzaShifty

    EOD Edition

    Thanks, maybe I need to gamble and just buy the cheapest version of the game then and try to figure out the controls.
  13. WazzaShifty

    EOD Edition

    Before I read that all I've never played siege and don't know what dropshotting is. I've always played with these controls because I can't fit all keys on my nostomo keypad. There is nothing sinister about how I want the controls, I'm not trying to cheat in any way. Ive just googled dropshotting and I'm offended! I'd never dive on the floor in an fps game to gain an advantage! I play VERY fair. I simply don't have enough keys on my keypad for all the controls. For this reason I always use scroll wheel press to reload, there's nothing sneaky about it, I'm just trying to use the mouse buttons for the keybinds I can't fit on my keypad. I don't play any arcade like FPS games and I certainly don't dive up and down to try to cheat, I hate when I come across players who do that to me as it's a form of cheating. Its not about having crouch and prone right under my finger, it's about fitting them in somewhere at all as I have very limited keys.
  14. WazzaShifty

    EOD Edition

    Oh OK well that sounds promising then. If I could bind these in game rather than on the device software I shouldn't loose the other scroll wheel functions in game as am I right in thinking you hold C and scroll to use stance? If so then that should still stay the same, ie: C + Wheel Up/down = stance changes Wheel Up/down (without C) = Full Crouch & Prone respectively And Don't you have to press F to bring up the door opening menu? So surely mouse scrolls will work fine here too? And In game inventory scrolling would also be unaffected as at that point you're in a menu not gameplay so the character controls should not be active? If I was to bind my mouse wheel to keystrokes in my mouse software then yes I'd loose all mouse wheel functions withing the game. Really I need someone who owns the game to try a simple mouse wheel up = prone, mouse wheel down = crouch key I don't for me and see how the game reacts and see what works and doesn't work before I spend out the substantial sum on the EOD edition. Maybe I'll start a thread and see if I can find a volunteer.
  15. WazzaShifty

    What monitors are you running?

    Acer X34A (3440x1440 @ 100Hz)