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  1. Dude, if people want to buy the standard version and not go for EoD it's their choice. We're not paying to win, we're paying to have a decent start at the game. Plus, supporting the development of this unique project which has already surpassed almost ALL other FPS games currently on the market in terms of detail and realism. I don't believe for a second this is going to turn out as a clone for any other FPS out there, because for 1, you can't do half the stuff you can do on most other FPS games and as far as i know, the weapon modding system in this is THE most detailed out there.
  2. ReV0h


    Still not out yet mate. Hopefully in the next few days!
  3. I'm hoping the release it this weekend, that might be a little optimistic though.
  4. ReV0h

    Taxes on gear?

    Who would tax you? you're a military contractor or working for the government. i don't think it really fits in with the lore. Just my opinion.
  5. ReV0h

    legit tactics and complaining about the use of them

    TBH, if you get killed by a sniper camping, you should have looked harder. People make mistakes and sniping people is part of the game. I don't particularly agree with exit camping, but hey.....it's in the game so it's legit. what i think is completely out of control is the AI. Wall hacks are not good....especially when AI can use them!
  6. ReV0h

    Lemme see your war face

    when i get 360 no scoped by the AI
  7. ReV0h

    How old are you?

    32, not long before i'm 33. I was feeling pretty old until i realised that actually, alot of you guys are not THAT much younger/older.
  8. ReV0h

    What headsets do you guys use in EFT

    Razor Man O'War 7.1 wireless. Not really getting very good directional sound with this game though.
  9. If I was in Tarkov, I would....Legit poo myself! in all seriousness, find a sniper rifle....
  10. ReV0h

    The Hideout announcement

    This looks like it's going to be awesome! is it still planned for open beta?
  11. ReV0h

    Closed Beta will start in July!

    OH MY GOD.....still waiting! can't take this poo
  12. ReV0h

    Closed Beta will start in July!

    Feel bad, 4th best friend
  13. ReV0h


    I have a few friends who are also waiting to get into the closed beta. I been checking the forums pretty much on the hour every hour for the past few days. How do i convince my other friends to buy it?! they don't seem overly convinced.