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  1. DeathRow201

    About locking Chinese players servers

    I'm English and living in Thailand, the servers here are also locked to the same 3 and i've been playing for about a year now in which I have only encountered 2 cheaters so I doubt most hackers come from Asia.. I understand the latency issue tho most cases you'll have around 100 - 120 ping on a US server / 80 - 100 on UK server. I reckon the lock should be removed or least warn people about the lock before they go spending more on upgrading their package
  2. DeathRow201

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    DeathRow201#8917 Please Verify
  3. DeathRow201

    New players

    Character name DeathRow201 Description Former British Commando, Troubled by his past. His past Former British Commando due to an IED explosion injuring him and several others. This is all that is known. How did he get to Tarkov? Private Contract for securing high value loot within Tarkov. Predilections He can either be peaceful and down to earth or he can be a vengeful demon personified. Fiercely loyal, and often underestimated, Hes is a very focused fighter and Skilled in combat at any distance Friends None, Works better alone. Wounds, and battles Shrapnel left over from an IED explosion. Aspirations Until this moment, he never really thought about what he wanted out of life. He realized he'd spent so much time focused on others that he forgot about himself. Now, he just wants to make it out alive. The greatest achievement that character did The moment he figured out how to fight his nightmares head on and use them to fuel the fire during a combat situation. Strength 27 Endurance 28 Accuracy 25 Engineer
  4. DeathRow201

    About upcoming patch

    If you are currently able to play the game then you will still be able to play the game during OBT.
  5. DeathRow201

    How commen is the factory key now? (poll)

    I just found the Factory Key in the backpack of a dead scav on the map Factory! Wooop
  6. I'm also having this problem on Customs map, it's even gotten to the point where it is freezing my computer forcing me to restart. My hardware - Intel Core i5-4440 @ 3.10 GHz | 8GB DDR3 Memory | AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB DDR5
  7. DeathRow201

    Wrong taxonomy Version

    Same here, looks like its happening to everyone
  8. DeathRow201

    Why do I join raids 5 minutes late?

    Sometimes I don't mind spawning in late its just when you spawn and there is nothing going on even bots are dead already, Only started about 3 hours ago I guess.. Haha Rhease I hate the factory key I'm level 35 nearly 36 and I've seen the damn thing one time maybe 2 days ago when Fence sold one but the servers were lagging out on the refresh from being over crowded and I missed it
  9. DeathRow201

    Why do I join raids 5 minutes late?

    I was just coming on here to ask the exact same question! By the time I manage to get spawn in a server I'll hear some gun fire going off for like 1 minute, After that it all goes quiet as everyone has already exited the raid.. Maybe I'll get lucky and have 1 player sneaking around, I may as well be playing with bots only on offline mode at this rate.
  10. Couple more, Just cant seem to choose which one is my top! I love my AR Rifles but on Factory I love my Shotties
  11. DeathRow201

    Map website

    Great work on the maps, simple idea yet effective
  12. DeathRow201

    Cant log on

    Its happening to a lot of people at the moment, Servers are down or their undergoing maintenance. Hopefully they will get them back up soon as possible but in the meantime you just have to be patient.
  13. DeathRow201

    Launcher Error

    This is the answer to your problem.