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  1. improvised suppressors

    I think it should be in the game, Oil filters for example will add a very high amount of weight, lower ergonomics, lower accuracy, and wear out pretty fast. You can take this one step further by adding internal part damage for the weapon that uses such improvised suppressor (idk the effects of these WD40 cans used as suppressors on weapons such as the M4A1/M16 family where gas has to return.)
  2. Okay, so you throw your knife / tomahawk / shurigen What guarantee do you get that you earn an easy kill ? What if you hit them with the grip side or the knife is not inert enough to hurt the person ? What if he is wearing heavy set of clothes (e.g. a couple of layers; PACA , Blackrock/AVS) and the knife won't penetrate but only do slight trauma damage ? What is the point that he pops you in the f_ng head afterwards ?
  3. Factory and hatchet is easy. Just gotta practice. I did around 60-70 raids I survived about 2. Most of them were me studying Factory and attempting to get out with loot. Sure I have the starting money but I wanted to score more and risk less. This game is like gambling. Each time you go into a raid its a question of risk-reward. How much gear do you risk losing (even if insured, if someone loots it - its gone.) ? How much gear do you (potentially) plan to earn ? Done a run on forest, came in with a MP153 and 34 shells, came out with 2 AKs PACA that big backpack and AVS and ofcourse attachments & ammo. The adrenaline rush I had was amazing.
  4. Tweak Dehydration

    I agree, I had a run on customs where I started with a pistol as pmc. avoiding as much conflict as possible and going in Splinter Cell style I died of dehydration before extraction. I tried to be super careful not to meet a player or AI because I was underpowered severely and hoped to scavenge some bodies that some high level player would clear. Also the checkpoint was suicide for me with a pistol so I waited just around the corner waiting for someone to attempt to extract so I can follow.
  5. Peacekeeper money

    People farm him in hopes of getting lvl 4 with him and unlocking modded M4A1's This is actually realistic , traders running out of money , sure its annoying if you're trying to sell stuff , but you gotta wait like everyone and refresh (there's a small button for it) until you see he has enough money, SMASH THE SELL BUTTON! and you might get away with the money (unless someone was quicker)
  6. roof scavs

    What part of "brutally realistic" did u not understand ? On a more serious note though, I think it should be left as-is. This is hardcore and unforgiving, just like life, and I like it.
  7. Scav viciously murders civvies [MLG 1920p UHD]

    If this makes any of you happy, yesterday I spawned in as PMC with only MP153 (or was it the 133?) and about 30 shells, on forest, first thing I see is a geared player, 4 pops he dies from about 50m , take his armor, vest, ak74n w/ scope & silencer, silenced pistol, in short, I was the happiest guy in the session/map. Seconds later I retreat to the bushes and hear a bush rumble 2 feet to my left. Another geared player is staring at his body, oblivious to me being 2 feet from his right. Few caps from now my new ak74n to his torso, and I earn even more loot. Another 74n and various goodies. Almost reaching extraction, a scav player tries to pop a cap in my ass from 100m with a shotgun. We both take cover behind trees, engaging in the world's most pointless and dumbest battle, where we spam Q and E trying to strafe each other out of action. Needless to say I won thanks to the scope and large mag of the Ak74. I don't think scavs are the biggest threat in the game.
  8. Vicious scav murders innocent civilians pls nerf 1 like = 1 help 1 share = 1 m4 for civvies w/ attachments and 6 F1 grenades
  9. What is you favorite "lazy meal"?

    3 eggs frying pan butter
  10. Bots in a nutshell

    add battlefield theme and you have a masterpiece
  11. How old are you?

  12. Closed Beta will start in July!

    Well they did say the RELEASE date of the Closed Beta would be in July. They added that there's an invite week period (either a "business" week of 5 days or 7 gregorian calendar days, we may never know their meaning.) during which all players who are eligible for the Closed Beta will receive invites during its duration. They can easily release the Closed Beta in July 31st, and you may receive the Invite itself anywhere between the 31st and August 7th. Which actually would make sense because they never promised or claimed that all eligible players will be invited and playing by at most the end of July of 2017. I actually bought the base pack since the Closed Beta news came out, I was (still am) hyped it would be somewhere in early July, because my gf is abroad and comes back in 3 days (which will leave me no time for ETF), but I think the release itself will happen after the 20th of July in this pace.