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  1. Falacio

    Bitcoins, docs case, inventory management.

    I'll try to help you out a bit 1. Bitcoins They spawn mostly on safes. Not sure now, but they could be found on file cabinets and duffbags, some minipatches before. They're rare, and probably having high perception (soft skill) helps 2. Docs Customs is the place. The infamous marked room and very rarely at old gas station, in the office or by the broken well (or whatever you call it) at the back 3. Inventory Cases help a lot. They are like big wallets, if u have one of those. A weapons case has 10x5 slots (ocupying 2x5) for guns, mods, ammo... Items case is for other things like meds, armor... You cannot put any container inside a case. 4 Budget Loadout PACA is ok, Kolpak... not sure about it. It helps vs shotguns, not much more. Kiver is not budget, but you should go for it, or save for it. Throw that glock. Grab a AKSU, PS ammo will do. If you have the levels, you can get an AK-74n for about 20k rubbles buying tool kits from therapist and trading them at Prapor. Remember to turn auto on when entering the raid, but try to use it only on short distances. My best tip to avoid getting a bullet to the head is: the less you show it, the better. Look, listen. Learn the maps. Don't run unless your life depends on it. Or to move from cover to cover. Always use any kind of cover (bushes ain't cover, don't trust them). Is better to be sneaky. Engage when you have advantage and retreat if you don't. Still you'll be getting a bullet to the head sometimes, as everyone else.
  2. I really cannot understand what kind of feedback could be "the problem with new players fighting experienced players". Have you ever play an online multiplayer game before? Like MOBA's, RTS's, fighting games, card games, FPS's... That problem is in every one of them. And is precisely experience. Knowing about game mechanics, general habits (like positioning in a FPS) and metagame. Vs being new and carring only some knowledge about a similar game or some videos seen on youtube. Ranked matching can fit in most of this games, but I cannot see it in a hardcore - open world (in a future) - survival/milsim game. And even if implemented, it wouldn't work, and all people complaining would have more or less the same death rate. Here is my solution to this problem: New players, you should change your aproach to the game, and start learning about it. Don't try to extract with tons of valuable gear, don't try to be the killer you've seen in that videos. Just learn. Play offline a lot. Without AI, then with it. Get experience. When you get enought, you will know what is this all about. PS: Excuse mistakes, not english speaker.
  3. Falacio

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB - 2x USB Flashdrive - Gamma Container Send a PM with prices if interested
  4. Falacio

    7-days free game key

    My last one. Enjoy it LIY5Z-B18XS-CIRDX-87X5U
  5. Falacio

    New Year Holiday Event and the Load Testing

    I read somewhere that they are redeemable once each 6 months. But not sure about that
  6. Falacio

    Official Trading Thread

    I have that 11 Tushonkas for you. 150k rubles for all?
  7. Falacio

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS - Tushonka - Morphine - Customs key - Marked Key - GM count - Filters - Gold Chains Wanted Euros