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  1. Shattering Bus Windows

    same bug here
  2. Prapor bug

    Every time u got better loot? U want me to believe that? U wanted to finish the quest or get 5k more rubbles?
  3. Prapor bug

    Are u kidding me u posted that u found like 10 of them but decided not to bring them. Let me write it again '"decided not to take them" FFS.
  4. Prapor bug

    U got your stash of guns not having prapor on lvl 2? It's the first mission and u already dont have room for 1 shotgun to check it? No offence mate but it sounds like U either troll or stupid.
  5. Prapor bug

    Could you actually try to finish the quests before posting?
  6. Factory bad Glitch found

    Sorry I don't want to offend U but thinking that the devs will get your gear back made my day. Good laugh mate.

    Im quite sure the fps drop has everything to do with servers/connection. If u try running game offline it will should get max fps.
  8. Small Suggestions

    The falling idea is quite good.
  9. Why won't these stack?

    Had similar problems with other ammo. Probably a bug.
  10. Noworoczny event w Escape From Tarkov

    Ktoś ma więcej informacji o nowym systemie respów i wyjścia?
  11. Spadki FPS / Loading-crash / Zużycie RAM

    Zupełnie randomowe spadki muszą być spowodowane problemami sieciowymi nie sprzętem.
  12. Spadki FPS / Loading-crash / Zużycie RAM

    Moja konfiguracja to i5 4670k , gtx 780 , 8GB RAM. Po nowym patchu Customs jest grywalne między 40-60 klatek reszta map stabilne 60. Wymiana których komponentów najbardziej polepszy wydajność gry?
  13. Worldfirst LV 70!?

    What the hell is he doing with that half running or whatever it is? How can u play like this?
  14. patch?....

    I think it's the same so 0 upgrades for me customs RAM leak nothing changed.
  15. Will adding 8GB more ram solve custom map problems?

    Thank You for info. Upgrading to 16GB right away.