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  1. General questions on weapon implementation

    Yeah, pretty much everyone is taught to shoot center mass because it's the easiest spot to hit that will potentially incapacitate, do you want to know what our (or pretty much any) Military hasn't faced in actual numbers in combat? .....Targets with advanced body armor designed to stop multiple hits from steel core AP intermediate and "full caliber" rounds. Also, no one is taught to actively aim for the head in an active fire fight, snake eaters might do this on targets they have the drop on, but the head is not only much smaller and in a harder to hit position, but moves around significantly more in an actual fire fight (which isn't simulated in games.) This is one of the few games were body armor is, for the most part, realistically portrayed, there's a reason the US Military is starting to bring out M995 and M993 more and is working on an upgrade in the form of XM1158 and XM1159 which will defeat even military grade level IV plates at combat ranges.
  2. M4A1

    That's not quite true, Colt was making the M4A1 for the US Military alone for a long time, however they lost a government ruling, basically, they found it bad that the standard issue rifle of most branches of the Armed Forces was being made by a sole source, so they mandated that there had to be another, FN USA was ultimately selected, but Colt still does manufacture M4A1 guns and parts alongside them for military use. I'd recommend reading up on Nathaniel Fitch's writings on why sole source contracts in the military are a terrible idea if you want more details on the subject.
  3. Weapon Companies Thread

    BAE and Bofors aren't the same company. BAE owns one of Bofors subsidaries, BAE Systems Bofors, but not SAAB Bofors Dynamics. though , That and BAE primary is goddamned massive compared to the latter 2 so it wouldn't just be a simple rename. (BAE is actually the third largest defense contractor in the world behind only Boeing and Lockheed Martin.) Basically, you need to ask both.
  4. Weapon Companies Thread Then Contact, would be my best guess.
  5. Weapon Companies Thread

    If you have actual legitimate contact with said companies, you'd be far better off contacting the developers personally, someone else in the thread did that and it worked out for him.
  6. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    One counter theory could just be that some USEC employees from the US just wanted some 7.62x51mm rifles for <reason here> and didn't want to drop at least a grand more on a SCAR (but wanted the option of a cut down length similar to the SCAR CQC because they're using M80A1 or Mk. 319 standard which plausibly would be much easier for a US mercenary corp to get considering said ammunition originates here.)
  7. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    This, plus the region in particular would mean that, of all older guns to get smuggled into a zone, original FALs would be pretty high on the list for unlikely. The FAL got the name "Right arm of the free world" for a reason, it tended to appear in places "not close to the former com bloc." bot in a vast amount of NATO counties and the western or neutral aligned third world (as in the original meaning of the term third world, not really the modern one for a poorer nation.) (I'm not saying It's impossible, stranger things have happened, but usually not on such a large scale.)
  8. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    Well, armor got incredibly overnerfed anyway, pretty sure you could throw the unfired cartridges by hand and penetrate Level IV plates in game now.
  9. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    To be fair, DS Arms makes more traditional pattern FAL rifles aswell, they actually did before they started making chopped down versions with folding stocks and rail mounts. Besides, considering they already showed the SCAR-H being modeled, I think that's why they're more focusing on that as far as FNH 7.62x51mm rifles go. (FNH charges significantly more for the SCAR series than they ever did the FAL or production licenses for them. It's far more in their interest to sell you that instead.)
  10. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    4.6mm would be .18 Caliber if you want to be pedantic. So I guess a better analogy would be something closer to the obscure 4.25mm Liliput cartridge of WW1 era vintage as pretty much every .17 caliber rifle cartridge is zippy as Fu ck. ....or I guess you could just say overly heavy .17 HMR so it still cycles the action at subsonic velocity.
  11. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    There's also another issue I forgot to point out. Just like DS Arms isn't actually connected to FNH (FNH simply doesn't care about the design anymore and doesn't produce them anymore, why would they when they have so many 7.62mm variants of the SCAR they could try and convince you to buy?), they can mostly make it because it's more or less a generic design at this point without legal issues so, just because DS Arms made FALs are in game doesn't really man other FNH guns will appear (Though, to be fair, I think the devs did tease the SCAR a bit ago) Now, here's where this ties in, the AK-5 is sort of the same deal at this point, It's not just an issue of asking FNH, this is because the AK-5 variant is produced locally in Sweden by Bofors, so, to make it short, they're not FNH imports, you'd need BAE's and Bofor's approval for the AK-5 in particular and, as far as I'm aware BSG hasn't gotten that yet.
  12. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    Contrary to popular belief, the FN FNC (which the AK-5 is a derivative of) and the previous CAL design which bombed on the market aren't actually related in design to the FAL despite many people thinking they're simply scaled down versions of the FAL. (they have significant internal differences.)
  13. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    Or I could've called him out for being a sad keyboard warrior liked I wanted to and you could've gained some self awareness and not be an minor annoyance. But that might be too hard.
  14. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    I don't have to be offended to point out he's actling like a mannerless douchebag. Who cares? I do apparently, last time I checked I didn't need your express permission to ask what is and isn't worth caring about to me.
  15. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    Yeah, because clearly grown up people insult others unprovoked for literally no reason than all other than to make themselves feel superior. The fact you actually defend his unprovoked and say "people need to grow the hell up" could be the most ironic thing I'll here all day.