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  1. congrats on killing armors

    So you start out your post with the ever so common "This isn't CoD!" line that scrubs always use to justify their opinions whether it's like CoD in the slightest or not. ......And then post a bunch of crap that to try and justify it that's makes the armor nerf sound like something that IS from the balance team of CoD and that you have no idea what you're actually talking about regarding real life firefights. Bravo.
  2. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    Wow you're such a badass flaming someone who doesn't know much. Total badass man.
  3. m995 ammo

    Normally I'd point out FORT is rated against most threats found in-game but, M995 is the one case where a round SHOULD go through even FORT at close range. High velocity tungsten cored AP is no joke. even fort and other Level IV equivalent hard body armor isn't rated for it.
  4. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    Most modern US military loads not designed for DMRs and otherf long range precision rifles do use powder blends designed for shorter barreled weapons to be fair like M80A1 and MK. 319. That was one big problem SOCOM ran into admittingly when they started using the SCAR-17, they initially used the CQB variant pretty heavily which, like the SA58 OSW has a 13" barrel with M80 ball, which simply wasn't designed for barrel lengths that short (and is kind of an awful cartridge to begin with) so from what I understand, that's when the STD variant started to become more popular.
  5. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    No they're not, the Civilian versions are but they do, infact manufacture select fire versions for LEO/Military customers. From their sales flyer There's alot of annoying marketing buzzwords there but, I can't really complain since DS Arms actually does manufacture high quality guns. (Including being, as far as I'm aware the only company who makes reproduction RPD's, one of my retro favorites.)
  6. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    If a full sized automatic rifle rifle isn't rated to do it even on full auto with steel cored AP, what makes you think a PDW will?
  7. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    Well I *did* say it was a crack theory to be fair. A reminder to always wear hearing and eye protection however, preferably shooting glasses models that dampen muzzle flash and low flash propellant ammunition boys and girls.
  8. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    the SA58 is basically a newly built modernized FAL variant that arr built by the US company "DS Arms", they're built to spec and parts from them will match original FAL rifles so they're also a source of replacement parts for collectors of the original rifles. The short OSW version they're showing off was short of born on a crack theory that LEOs would love a modernized, compact .308/7.62x51mm rifle so, the FAL they already had experience make reproductions of were chosen for this. I've fired a few before, compared to an original FAL which has a fixed stock and is generally heavier to mitigate recoil, the SA58 OSW far more stout recoil wise so I'm not 100% certain how good of an idea cutting short a FAL really was in retrospect. They're at least an interesting curiosity though.
  9. General questions on weapon implementation

    Mk.255 rounds are basically rounds that have a core of powered copper and polymer sintered and pressed together that basically turn to dust when they hit something hard like steel targets on a range (and therefore not damage said target range, maintaining a shooting range is actually very expensive) or in tight buildings and ships as the jacket won't keep it together, but yeah, it will still penetrate but break up in a human target long before it exits. RRLP/Sintered rounds are basically just a fancy way of saying "Frangible".
  10. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    DS Arms, aside from Century arms (who really suck at pretty much everything) and I think IMBEL in Brazil are the only companies that still manufacture new FALs and parts that will fit old ones. why would a PMC in 2028 take Gaddafi era rifles over newly built rifles that are far more upgradeable over their 50's parent rifles? Don't get me wrong, I really do like a lot of retro guns like the FAL and the M16A1, but the FAL was never exactly known to be very customizeable in the field which is a big feature in this game, and DS Arms guns work just fine while having quite a few modernized variants of the old right hand. (Also, they don't use Steyr tooling anymore, all of their guns and replacement parts are now built on brand new machinery unlike most companies who just reassemble parts kits poorly and claim they make them.)
  11. SKS needs a nurf

    Though I should point out, one odd thing about M193 is that even though M855 was thought to be armor piercing (despite never being classified as such) because it had a steel frontal core and a heavier weight compared to the older M193 FMJ round (62gr vs 55gr), M193 will ironically penetrate steel armor at short distances that M855 cant at any distance because of the sheer velocity difference between the two. Speed really does kill, or penetrate in this case.
  12. SKS needs a nurf

    Gonna have to speak for yourself on that one. well, while I can't "specifically" get the DVL-10 here, that's not because of any features of the design itself, but rather the fact most Russian firearms makers have had an import ban in my country since the Crimean Crises started unfortunately. But hell, I can literally get a suppressed SBR with all manaor of magazine types and sizes and many long range precision rifles suppressed like the DVL-10, full body IIIA soft body armor fitted with pockets for Level III-Level IV armor plates (the latter will take multiple hits from pulled .30-06 M2 AP rounds loaded into hotter .300 Winchester Magnum casings before failing) and a hard coated "Level IIIA+" (not an official designation, but people often call hard coated helmets this because said coating helps it survive a bit more than standard IIIA armor normally will.) so long as I've never been declared insane by medical professionals or have a criminal record. This is a very good hard coated IIIA helmet actually on the market, as you can see, it holds up just fine even to very fast pistol loads that would normally pen IIIA, but still gets demolished by mere M193 out of a 16" barreled AR-15. (The .50 AE would have a chance of knocking you out or killing you even with the padding inside, but keep in mind IIIA is NOT rated to stop .50 AE so this is not the fault of the manufacturer, but rather testing a round against it it's not designed or tested to protect against.)
  13. DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    1. 5.7mm actually will outpenetrate CRISAT targets, It's about the same at close range but at longer ranges of the effective ranges of the weapons the 5.7mm wins out. To get the best effect on tissue you need to run ballistic tips but, for obvious reasons penetration will suffer when using such loadings. 2. The special coating is Teflon, the Teflon coating is actually used for 2 reasons, which is 1. It will stick during the rotating phase of feeding another round through the magazine without it *check how a P90 magazine works sometimes, it rotates 90 degrees at the feed port to load another round) and 2. the cartridges have a chance to stick compared to other "Pistol" rounds due to the fact they run at a relatively high PSI (9mm Luger as a benchmark runs at about 35,000 PSI with non NATO or +P loadings, 5.7x28mm can run over 50,000) in both the P90 and FiveSeven pistol after the barrels get too hot, this helps prevent that. Also yeah, I like the "look" of the P90's retro optic but, unfortunately it sucks horribly. Keep in mind the P90 was originally a rush project that was a make or break to quickly save FNH from potential Bankruptcy when their last project, the BRG-15 heavy machine gun fell through on potential customers due to the end of the Cold War so alot of the features of the original gun are kind of unrefined or made in such ways that are either easy to manufacture or readily out there. (for example, on "readily out there, most people don't know the P90 is actually pretty heavily inspired internal wise by the Steyr AUG.)
  14. SKS needs a nurf

    You may think that but sadly.... Notice how I said "On the market", this is vaporware that has been listed as for sale forever, yet both their site and Amazon who they claim will sell it (where people often sell items of questionable integrity) both have it listed as "coming soon."
  15. SKS needs a nurf

    There's not a helmet on the market rated to stop rifle fire. Seems like a dose of learn to play is in order.