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  1. KhandE

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Because a rifle with 176 samples made total with a vast majority being in collectors or museums hands makes perfect sense...
  2. KhandE

    DSA SA58 and HK MP7

    Just a real life question real fast, You guys at DS Arms wouldn't happen to make reproduction RPDs still would you? Always loved the design but never see them for sale, Soviet, DS Arms or otherwise.
  3. KhandE

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Yeah, the perfect gun for Tarkov! Also, what exactly is 5.56x39mm?
  4. KhandE

    New Weapons??

    Been busy, let me try to explain this in a way most would understand. You know those myths that constantly get thrown around about how SOCOM units and personnel can just "use whatevver they want!" even though anyone who's ever been in a SOCOM unit will tell you that's not how it works at all? (Yeah, SOCOM as a whole get a bit more leeway on what they choose to trial and adopt, that doesn't mean they can just walk in with an old WW2 1911A1 and M1 Garand and except no one to say anything.) Any PMC worth a damn is the same way, they acquire on relatively large contracts of weapons, don't just let people use anything, and, being that their staff are, by vast majority either former LE or Military, they procure what's been tried and ture and, most importantly, what most of the employees are going to be familiar with a good deal of the time from past experience. So yeah, they're not just going to say "yeah, we *could* get some new M110s or Mk.20s as DMRs.....but these WW1 vintage Lee Enfields are so much cheaper and have volley sights! Plus we can buy whatever we want." It just doesn't happen that way, plus orgs who are known to buy obsolete gear like that aren't exactly very likely to be hired so, It's in their best interest to actually get contracts to look sharp.
  5. KhandE

    New Weapons??

    You have no ideas how PMCs operate apparently.
  6. KhandE

    General questions on weapon implementation

    Dragons breath shells are an incredibly overpriced useless gimmick. Good old buckshot, flechettes or slugs do the job much better without costing 5 dollars a shell with exaggerated effectiveness and much shorter range.
  7. KhandE

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Terrible rifle, there's very good reasons it was universally loathed by Damn near every tester in the armed forces who had to use it.
  8. KhandE

    Add civilian M4s-m16s

    1. No. 2. What does this have to do with civilian AR-15s at all?
  9. KhandE

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Khand-E#6566 please verify
  10. KhandE

    Weapon Companies Thread

    the Vz.58 isn't a bolt action rifle, it's select fire or semi auto only in civilian variants.
  11. KhandE


  12. KhandE


    Holy hell you need a massive dose of "learn to play" stat.
  13. KhandE


    If you lose to hatchlings while wearing armor and a helmet, the problem isn't the hatchet, It's between the chair and the keyboard.