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  1. KhandE


    Yeah, why would someone ever go so far as to put "a cheap present day scope that still smokes anything from the 40s" on a $100 dollar rifle rifle that was mediocre even for it's day that they only made nearly 40 million of!? If people could stop treating even remote modifications to the garbage rod like someone completely desecrated something like an M1941 or 44 Johnson or walked into the Kalashnikov museum and pissed into the receiver of the only known example of the Kalashnikov SMG 1942, that would be great.
  2. KhandE

    Bullet dmg suggestion!

    Read the first post I replied to you with which addresses exactly that please. Aside from ballistics themselves, I've studied generations of body armor from first generation ballistic vests to the present and all the advancements to now, which includes post impact effects as I literally already said, I don't need to google anything, I would however recommend you more closely check all replies in the thread though.
  3. KhandE

    Bullet dmg suggestion!

    Oh if were going to play the downvote game, I can easily one up you here. I've been in a defensive shootout *without* the armor after a botched robbery, I didn't even realize I was hit at all, let alone multiple times until afterwards when it was pointed out I was bleeding and actually looked down, the kicker is I didn't even realize which direction I was shot FROM as there were 2 offenders involed who were in different places during the incident. But yeah, let me go ask a cop real fast (who, by the way wear soft body armor for pistols and nothing close to what military and PMCs will wear as it would be far to heavy and cumbersome to move around in a police cruiser in) if I suffered any impact damage from it, couldn't tell you as I only blacked out quite a bit later from blood loss and was comatose for a week. Please don't try and lecture me on things I actually study intensely, let alone have experienced first hand, thanks champ!
  4. KhandE

    Bullet dmg suggestion!

    What era and level of armor are we talking here exactly? Most of the knowledge people post about body armor on these forums comes from like body armor tech from the 70s-early 80s which is far behind today's armor and advancements around it to mitigate post impact effects sssoooo..... Read above.
  5. KhandE

    Bullet dmg suggestion!

    Ballistics don't work that way.
  6. KhandE

    Game Balance

    Oh hey it's someone once again crying that armor not only works in a game for once and doesn't understand caliber differences and armor at all but can't even use paragraphs. If you're that lazy to actually format your post for anyone, why should they give you the time of day to read it?
  7. KhandE

    it all makes sense now

    No you see this isn't a joke. A joke makes at least a slight amount of sense and more importantly, is actually remotely funny.
  8. KhandE

    Nerf Melee

    Well unfortunately the generalization fits someone of you IQ perfectly. Guess you "occasionally browsed" too much. And since you're too slow to get it Braed, this is part of the dev team right here nicely calling your post stupid. Just give up already, you lost.
  9. KhandE

    Nerf Melee

    Oh you're a redditor, that would explain the whole "being braindead" and "dense as a neutron star" thing.
  10. KhandE


  11. KhandE


    Helmets aren't rated for rifle fire in reality?
  12. KhandE

    Nerf Melee

    Translation: someone finally called out my horrible gameplay which was caught on video this time so I wont come up with a response because it can't possibly be my fault. That video is indefendible... because you are so horrid at the game and yet still think you're right It's just ming bogglingly stupid at this point. I'm 100% confident that you can have a fully modded AK with top tier ammo and fort armor with a fast MT and I would destroy you with a Makarov with one magazine and you'd complain anout that too while doing something retarded like figuring out where to aim your gun, this is legitmately how terrible you are and yet you keep whining no one is defending poor little you or your dumb and wrong balance opinions, can you do us all a favor and just shut up already? Thanks.
  13. KhandE

    Should sidearms be changed?

    But I do hate to say it that is realistic, you can ask anyone from the military to the police to civilians that have unfortunately been in shootouts to surgeons to any ballistics expert. Pistols are notoriously bad at stopping determined attackers and the average is 5 shots before a target is incapacitated statistically, the reason you don't see police and civilians (at least the reasonable ones) just walking around with rifles and shotguns 24/7 is because sometimes you really need discretion and a defensive piece that's compact and not cumbersome in tighter areas. The military can do do this because that's kind of what they're expected to do, however even in Iraq and Afghanistan it wasn't uncommon at all to hear about soldiers ditching their sidearms for space and weight for a couple extra mags or an extra canteen of water. TLDR: pistols do have that "gunfighter" feeling of coolness to them, but coolness means little if its far less effective and gets you killed.
  14. KhandE

    Should sidearms be changed?

    To be fair as a fellow FiveSeven owner, 5.7x28mm does have significantly less recoil than 9mm due to the fact it fires significantly lighter projectiles, even when using "full power" loadings from custom loaders like EA and VO.
  15. KhandE

    Should sidearms be changed?

    Since you mentioned the Tokarev, I think one quick fix to your problem as I said the other day would be that 7.62x25mm loads have plenty of post WW2 loadings that run significantly hotter (usually "smg only" loadings) with hardened steel cores that will pen any helmet or vests op to IIIA, and also the fact there was a WW2 era loading the Red Army used that was an API loading. this wouldn't do anything against FORT or Level IV but would be something against anything lower currently ingame. (Even better if we actually do get a PPSh-41 ingame.) Also contrary to popular belief the amount of tissue damage .45 ACP does against flesh is basically identical compared to 9x19mm and it performs worse that 9x19mm against bone and FBI test barriers.