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  1. KhandE

    Reduce gun accuracy

    Soldiers become better shots as they become more experienced in surviving various gunfighting scenarios and therefore come out better trained via combat and vetranacy? How is that a difficult concept?
  2. KhandE

    Reduce gun accuracy

    You're taught to shoot center mass in real life because it's a much bigger target that moves less than the head (something not simulated ingame), this has nothing to do with the actual mechanical accuracy of modern weaponry but simply the fact that training something to be THAT good of a shot is basically SOCOM level training. If anything, making weapons less accurate for no reason would make this game far "less" realistic.
  3. KhandE

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    Where did I call you the OP in that? Do you even know what "OP" means? Actually don't bother answering, you don't, much like tongue in cheek comments, hyperbole or sarcasm. Science could learn something from someone like you, your Simian level intellect is astonishing.
  4. KhandE

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    I called you the OP? You're right, your complete inability to read at all can't get any better and you're perhaps the worst troll on these forums. Oh btw, when someone says "bye" to you, it means you can leave and you've proven yourself to be utterly irrelevant. Typing on a phone, but at least the fact you're down to nothing but typos means you have nothing. Once again, bye.
  5. KhandE

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    If anything you proved me right about just being a keyboard warrior and not the uber skilled gear farmer you claim to be with those abysmal stats. Grats on playing yourself, you're living proof the movie idiocracy is a documentary. Did no one ever teach you what "tongue in cheek" means? Because the amountvic things you take dead literal in here make you look terribly unintelligent. Guessing theres a reason for that.
  6. KhandE

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    2% was a guess, 30% is still utter trash but grats on bragging about being subpar. But keep making things up like where I claimed you were the op and not some irrelevant 5 post superstar.
  7. KhandE

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    "Bragging about 30% survival rate and all of 2.24 kda, still making up his own narratives and doesn't know English." Lmao, ok bye.
  8. KhandE

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    "Copies everything I say because he realizes how dumb he is" "Still can't read, doesn't realize that I'm trashing his skill as an actual keyboard warrior who thinks he's good because he says so when in reality probably has a 2% survival rate which was the point." "Doesn't realize what "salty" is so just spams when he's the coward getting mad on a 3 post alt." Ok, you lost, get out now.
  9. KhandE

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    Actually that was just me calling you really bad at the game, which in all of your failure to comprehend the English language you missed. I'd still destroy you so bad you wouldn't know what happened with you having any gear in the game with just 8 rounds and a Makarov with standard ammo or a melee weapon. (Take note mods, the above is what a REAL keyboard warrior is.)
  10. KhandE

    List of Current Available Weapons

    Someone on this forum got so mad at me after I posted a very small example of Kimber being garbage (and just ruining his argurment that hard) that he reported all my posts and stalks me now lol.
  11. KhandE

    Titanium bullets

    Tungsten used in "Special" AP loads ingame (M995, 7N24 etc) is a much better material than Titanium for enhancing AP effects over steel due to the fact It's over twine as dense as steel and about 2/3rds denser than lead while being harder than both, Titanium really isn't an ideal bullet material. U-238 is about as radioactive, if not less so than a granite counter top, do you know of any home designers that wear special gear while installing Granite? (Or the people who live in said houses.) The real reason it's never used in small arms is because the small you machine it, the closer you get to the point it will reach the required surface area where It's rather nasty pyrophoric properties will show up, factories that handle it have to be ready for this just for the shavings of metal that come off.
  12. KhandE

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    Making new accounts now? or just someone not minding their own business? Either way I love it when people try to brag about how good they are because these are usually the worst players trying to compensate for something, betting you're the type of person I'd destroy 10/10 times with just a Makarov and a single magazine. or a melee weapon and have you complain that "hatchlings" are so overpowered. "Get over yourself", maybe try "taking your own advice." I literally told him to just stay out of my business and not try to "educate" me on a subject he doesn't have the right to, how is that "keyboard warrioring"? This isn't even a flame or snark post, this is a legit question.
  13. KhandE

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    1. I'm not even talking about armor in this game anymore because this forum is full of hopeless retards who can't possibly be convinced they're wrong, try not to tell people to "educate themselves" when I've forgotten more about ballistics and warfare than you'll ever know. Thanks. 2. You have nothing at all to do with the argument above or even bothered to read what he's talking about which doesn't even have anything to do with this topic but him getting mad I absolutely destroyed him in a "Glock vs 1911" fight so bad he started he reported me to get me on R/O and probation, got my posts wiped, and then blames ME that I returned the favor on him and is now playing pigeon chess like a child claiming victory and is stalking me all over the forums because that's what children do, stay out of it, mainly if you don't even bother reading the two posts at all.
  14. KhandE

    unrealistic ammo armor penetration.

    >Reports my posts to get them deleted because you were horribly losing an argument and just started resorting to personal attacks >Gets mad when I returned the favor So glad I owned someone so hard in an argument I have a personal stalker now despite not posting on this caustic hellhole since like what, September? Are you 12?
  15. KhandE


    Not like you'd read them considering last time I destroyed you so hard it wasn't even legal in an argument about "muh 1911", and you cried and spam reported all my posts to get me banned and my posts wiped(and appear to be stalking my posts now when I returned the favor on you which you're complaining about now. reap what you sow.) I'm not your personal google, and even if I was I wouldn't do anything for you because aside from demonstrating you know precisely zero about guns and have the IQ of a fence post, ypu just spam report when you reach autistic meltdown mode over being wrong and then cry and stalk people when the favor is returned. I literally haven't even been here in months but the fact you're still bitter over losing an argument and then getting mad the report system works both ways is so pathetic I can't decide if it's laughable or just plain sad.