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  1. Can anybody else not sell items to skier?

    Please refer to this topic:
  2. Escape from Tarkov Tattoo

    Its his arm and tattoo, its epic!
  3. Vityaz porn

    Moved to off-topic
  4. KEDR Jam - no not its not sweet

    Try using diffrent bullets. there is a type of ammo that fits in the mags but will not fire.
  5. Spent amount mouse over

    You mean like a tooltip? that would be a good idea, or just show the entire amount.
  6. Post your RIG.

    Moved to off-topic. /// my rig: corsair 230t orange case i7 4770k (h100i cooler) asus maximus extreme vi gigabyte gtx1080 TI 32gb corsair vengence DDR3 (cant remember speed) 2x evo 850 ssd 500GB in raid 0 1x seagate 3tb 1000w 80 plus gold psu building a new rig soon.
  7. Switching Faction

    Currently this is not possible, This is only possible after a wipe. There will be wipes in the future.
  8. Wrong taxonomy Version

    We are currently aware of this issue. Please follow this thread for further information: http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/31432-wrong-taxonomy-psa/
  9. New patch

    Contact support so they can help you out further and back to playing!
  10. Looking for team mate's!

    #locked, Please go over to the clan section to join a player group, or advertise your own. There are some posts in the dutch forums with people who are looking for other dutch members to play with.
  11. secure contaner

    To extend the answer given by noobtorius, you do not have to insure your secured container, everything in there aswell as the container itself are safe. You do not lose them upon death, nor the items in the container.
  12. One Tapped By AI

    The devs are constantly tweaking the AI server side, so their behaviour can change anyday.
  13. In the "after action report" after a game when you extract. you should not click next too many times, because in between there you can select what gear you want to keep from the scav run.
  14. Game-Breaking Reload Glitch?

    Indeed!, Often when your in a gun fight, you get excited, and you wil tap R to reload "quicker" just as pressing W in a racing game to go "faster" and then it will drop your mag
  15. Map website

    Using this on my second screen, thanks man!