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  1. Glydyr

    SCUM soon.

    Lol early access, not electronic arts :D
  2. Glydyr

    Anti-cheat update

    Thanks for taking the time to update us
  3. Glydyr

    Stash Resets

    Resets everything, just like you've just bought the game, you can even choose a new name and faction we need one soon, it's getting silly. Killed a guy in resort with an item case and weapon case, presumably to farm up loads of items lol. Good idea tho...,
  4. Glydyr

    Streamer kills Streamer...

    I can't watch your clip all the way, that scope makes me feel sick
  5. Glydyr

    This should be an actual scope

    The long range scope sucks, so might aswell just have the red dot
  6. Glydyr

    Bullets and damage

    Apparently the guy who data mined the original values got his account banned, so im not so sure it will be updated which sucks =(
  7. Glydyr

    Quest Mega Thread

    Yeah it seems bugged for me to, i know exactly where it should be but nothing there!
  8. Glydyr

    Quest Mega Thread

    Im on the chemical part 4 quest and the other quest to place a marker in the van, i died while placing one marker now i can place no markers on anything i need to, been in 4 raids now to try...nothing...... anyone got any ideas? Maybe the markers you buy dont work i dunno?
  9. Glydyr

    Quest Mega Thread

    There are a few keys that look the same and have the same description but open different doors. the metal shack is the one in the truck yard where you spawn in offline mode it's by the chain link gate where the truck is in the middle of the road. If your not sure just go into customs offline and look to your left and it's the first metal shack u see!
  10. Glydyr

    Customs key grind

    You can get in there without a key. You need to breach the door when your standing around the corner as much as possible. You know it worked when the animation faces you away from the door. The package is then under the desk in the far room. good luck escaping
  11. Glydyr

    Please fix servers in canada

    here in the UK every other raid i enter the server either dies after 10 mins or desyncs for 10 mins. Its just unplayable...its become my routine now to get away from my spawn area and just hide in a bush unloading and loading my mags until the server fixes itself and if it doesnt just alt-f4.. its silly.
  12. Glydyr

    Missing Footsteps

    This seems to happen when the server is lagging a lot, sometimes you will even hear the footsteps you should have heard afterwards. When it's too late! Also when another player or scav is within a short distance your footstep sounds get stuttery if you listen closely!
  13. Glydyr


    Yeh just spend the whole night staring at a timer....great...
  14. Glydyr


    Yeh they just dont want to open more servers so this is basically a queue...