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  1. Terragroup Wallpaper&Hollow logo+"Alpha" Wallpaper

    In case the resolution of the wallpaper is not 1920x1080 just open it in a new tab and download it then.
  2. Hello guys,after a long time I bring you 2 new wallapers and 2 Hollow logos for making patches. First is a Terragroup wallpaper,nothing to special there and the second was meant for the Alpha testing phase,but as Alpha just become Beta when I finished it I decided to put it as an extra when I will publish something new.Now unfortunately I never got to finnish the Scav wallpaper and probably never will as I realised that the scavs aren't a faction like BEAR or USEC and they are more like groups of people loosely cooperating and probably won't use logos and such as a true faction (for now).Though,I did made something on wich I'm working at the moment,and I will post it soon,even though the word "soon" to me means completely another thing. All of them are FREE TO USE. I hope you enjoy them!
  3. EFT New keys (car, weapon safe, zb-104, ...)

    The lock pick will be a system in the game,but it is not yet known how it will work,but I guess something similar to Skyrim and Dying Light,but more complex,also skills will affect it.
  4. Desync Example

    You might've entered at a peak hour,I got desync like that a few times ago but mostly is normal,I do live in the Eastern Europe,so thats a big factor.I do hope they will fix the servers soon,cause is not if they will fix it,but when they will fix it.
  5. I also agree that this would be a great ideea,i boughtered my firends with EfT for a while,imagine how amazing would it be to be able to give them a key for beta? I dont know if this will be a thing but I would definatly support this ideea
  6. Hollow logos of BEAR and USEC

    Wow!Great job dude,they look amazing
  7. hi dude have you got a large USEC logo image jpg or vector?

  8. Some Textures

    I will post more of them along some new fan art,only thing is that im kinda lazy and normally takes a while to do and post them...a long while...
  9. USEC Wallpaper

    New small update on my work: Now,as I know a little better what I will do,I can tell you that there will be more than I wallpapper+something bonus. As always,my work will be for free with the mission to give something nice(I hope ) to this beautiful comunity. Now mind that I am not yet to sure of anything so things might change,but if all works as I planed it will turn out nicely. Also don't expect it to soon...I'm kindda slow when is comes about working,even if i enjoy it.
  10. USEC Wallpaper

    Ok guys,I think the the times has come;I decided to make new wallpapers for EfT. Though,as some of you know,it takes me a wile to make...anything,so donot expect them that soon. Also I'm am not yet sure about what they'll be,but we'll all see when I will publish them Just stick around for my extremely bat timed and slow uptades on them...
  11. USEC Wallpaper


    They are featured on the Fan Art section of this forum as PNG and also wallpapers aswell. In the making of theese I used the Bear logos I've made,you can find them here among usec ones aswell. They are both free to use (png&wallpapers) Have fun!
  13. Meme and Fun Art

    I saw this a long while ago on funker 530,love it!

    Btw guys,I won't expect to make any USEC patch,due the fact that I'm more of a BEAR guy But if you ever wat a EfT patch and don't want to send nearly any money to prin them or do a pvc/broded patch you can always use paint marker (you find the either at libraries stores,with school stuff or pens,or at construction materials shops) and paint what you want either on a piece of meterial and then saw that on velcro or directly on velcro,though if you are not good with drayng,or using that marker I said,you can make a stencil or just write the letters (belive me,you'll get away with it and it will still be ok). Good luck!