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  1. In a map like customs or shoreline they are great guns for medium to long range. You can camp the island on shoreline orwatch the bridge on customs. Not most people have aimbot and can flick around and shoot you with a pm from a distance so I don't really think there is a disadvantage. Also most guns do horrible at a distance. You just need to know when to use it.
  2. The Future of Raids

    Will there be larger raids in the future? Bigger maps? Vehicles? Bigger player/scav count?
  3. Hello, none of my friends can afford to buy the game yet because NY is a harsh city where everything is over priced as hell. So I came to this section to ask for a buddy. You could speak English or Russian or Russlish. Don't worry I don't have an accent so you wouldn't have a problem. I mainly gather loot and sell it right after each raid. I don't usually go in geared. I play on weekends and currently weekdays until school starts in 2 weeks. Once school starts I will have sports after so I wont be able to play after. Steam: wasp3378 Picture: An orange sunset
  4. BUG: Disconnecting

    I have the same exact problem.