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  1. To maybe help you. You can earn money by doing scavruns no matter the lvl you are. There is now the Scavboss you could try to loot even as scav. So good loot is possible even directly after wipe. Fleamarket is key. Loot Task items and sell them for good money on flea market. Sport bags are now really good loot spots for this reason. Ammo can be found on AKS-74U Mags which you can find on all maps. Or Trade it with hotrods or what ever was the thing you needed for the prapor trade. Or buy it in flea market, or aim for the head. Go geared. Only take fights you can win. You see a squad? Just hide or drop one from a distance with silenced weapon and then camp his body from a supperior position. Team up with other decent players. Edit: I am playing on EU Servers. And usually even Fort or Gen4 drops within 10 shots with the best Ammo. I dont have Money problems and can always play Fullgear if i want. Fleamarket ftw again. Seriously use it and sell those cigaretts and plugs cords and hoses and so on. Best luck
  2. Phoenixsui

    Sherpas workflow arrangement

    @OzymandiasSounds good. But to make things easier, communication should be on a offivcial discord. (Link in Game where you select the sherpa) So no lobbys have to be done and no problems after somone dies. Sherpas should maybe have the Region and Language informations near their names and should be able to turn on and off their sherpa logo, so if they are just playing for themeselves from time to time they wont show up in the sherpa tool. Also to ensure the trainees survival it should be an option to bring up to 5 players at once. So more cover if you for example want to show someone a spot and cant cover him since you have to show him first. Or 3 Experienced players with 2 trainees works also well.
  3. Phoenixsui

    Tips for a freshblood!

    I would suggest the new sherpa program. On the mainpage from tarkov under your profile you can request an sherpa to show you the game and do a raid with him. Or play with any experienced player here.
  4. Phoenixsui

    Quest ruin the game/fun

    I do like to have something to do on the maps besides the looting and surviving part. It gives me a goal. Why so many players spawn naked to do tasks i will never understand. It is way easier to do them with Full Gear. I think they just want to rush and have no patience combined with gearfear. I dont see where the Tasks force you to play in ways you dont like. I only know 1 Task series and this is the Mosin series where you need to kill players with a sniperrifle below 15m Range. This is ridiculous. But do i run naked into factory for this? No just play the game and eventually you will kill some hatchlings from time to time with your secondary weapon the Mosin. The Game for me is a lot more interesting with flea market and Tasks. It is also a good way to earn money for the Full Kits to sell Task items in Flea Market. Maybe i missed another Taks that forces me into a way i dont want to play? If so it is not that bad since i dont remember it ;). Of course i see many players just rushing to customs constructio nto pick up the watch. Instead of taking their time. Kill the players crossign the constructon and then loot and finish the task. I think a lot of frustration in this game comes from the inpatience of many players. The raids do not have almost 60 minutes timers for nothing.
  5. Phoenixsui

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    Nice PP-19 and M4
  6. Phoenixsui

    Fehler in der Übersetzung

    Slot 1 wäre die Pistole? Aber ich finde die Benennungen ok bis auf die Nahkampfwaffe, da man ja nicht immer den selben Slot in der Hand hält ist es ok zu schreiben wo die Waffe getragen wird wenn sie nicht gehalten wird.. Oder wie meinst du das? Den Rest finde ich gut. Das "Annehmen" ist meiner Meinung nach unnötig, aber wär mir auch egal :).
  7. Für mich klang es so, als wäre da einer noch näher an euch gewesen als der auf dem Resort Dach. Aber ja mit den momentanen Sounds echt schwer zu sagen. Nur die ersten Salven klangen weit weg.
  8. Phoenixsui

    Market !

    No problem, just comfort for users.
  9. Phoenixsui

    Market !

    Change could cost as well.
  10. Google Übersetzer machts in wenigen Sekunden ;D.
  11. Phoenixsui

    Neue Spezies endteckt.

    Hast du schon seinen nahen Verwandten gesehen bei den kleinen Tanks am Boiler Spawn? Der kann sogar kurzzeitig fliegen. Diese 2 Indoscavtoren sind nach meiner Beobachtung immer an den gleichen 2 Stellen anzutreffen.
  12. Phoenixsui

    Shoreline is DEAD

    Yes I do teach new Players what is valuable and what is not, to be able to survive in the Market. But just to tell you how i sell Items. I usually filter for the Item i want to sell and i usually sell the Items as cheapest or in the 5 cheapest offers available. I think @malaxius does the same. This is not rising the Prices by a lot if at all. Task Items are no necessity to buy. It is just Confort. I also bought some Keys or Task Items for high Prices just to progress faster. Everyone can choose the Prices by themselfs. This is how the Market is supposed to work. As long as noone pushes up Prices with a Friend and just trades normally with random Players since these want to buy the Item and not because they want to up the Price it is fine for me and what the Flea Marked should be in my opinion.
  13. Phoenixsui

    Shoreline is DEAD

    I know what you mean. Sometimes in my Raids also noone looted the Resort, but ofthen later I find out the Reason is for example 2 groups found eachother near Spawns and made a big Massacre. I would say in my Raids in the Afternoon and Evening 50% of the Raids you get the Fight if you want in the Resort. If not there, you could follow the Gunfire on the Map and find your Fight somewhere else. To answer your Question. Yes i go Geared to defend myself and yes i will loot the more valuable Medics and Questitems over AK's and similar less value per slot Items. I am not searching for the fight, but i take it if i have to. But running with a Mosin to 310 and then camp is not my playstyle. Since so many players did this i think they reduced the loot. It was also planned to change the Loot to dynamic Spawns and with it distribute player Spawns over the Map. You could then spawn in the Rooftop of the Resort for example and the best Loot could be in the Swomps. It would change after everyone goes into Swamps looting there and so on. I cant wait for this to happen. I am the kind of Tarkov Player who enjoys to stay until the last minute. Maingoal is survive for me in the most cases. Best regards
  14. Phoenixsui

    Shoreline is DEAD

    Just did it. On EU Servers is possible to kill up to 4-5 in one raid with some luck. Yes the loot was nerved in the Resort but it was way to much before. I can still enter the Resort and i am full after 1 Building. Can i ask what you accept as good loot? According the current prices you can also loot morphine and ifaks and get out with 200k+ worth of loot. Dogtags sell in the Market for a lot too. Usually 39-59K for me. Questitems like hose or power cords or computer parts are also valuable. There is still bitcoints and rollers and clocks in the rooms 310 etc. Not as many as before but there are enough. I dont know exactly why we have so many times the waiting for players text in the loading screen currently. My Raids are ofthen pretty full.
  15. Phoenixsui

    Flea market rep

    Hey ich habe dafür vergessen das Häcklein raus zu nehmen und so 25 H2 dinger für 40K anstatt für je 40K verkauft...Habe mich auch generft. Allerdings ist mein Ruf von 3,xx ;D nicht zerstört. Der nächste Wipe wird kommen. Bis dahin braucht man wohl Geduld.