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  1. Phoenixsui

    Unbelievable...odds for a hatchling

    The point is we are talking about up to 2 seconds delay or even complete desync upon the point a player cant even see the orther player thats killing him. We are not talking about normal pings. But it is subject to change in 11.5 hopefully.
  2. Phoenixsui

    0.11.5 Vorläufige Patchnotes

    Ich mag den normalen Regen sehr gerne. Aber ab und zu ist der Sturm geilo und auch realistisch laut finde ich. Das was die meisten am Regen wohl stört ist eher die Häufigkeit des Sturms und die Seltenheit normalen Regens.
  3. Phoenixsui

    Factory Night

    Yes we tried to kill 30 Players in night factory and only killed 12 in 2 days together. About 30 Raids. Also Desync in night factory is absolutely insane at the Moment on EU Servers. Most Players play Labs i guess.
  4. Phoenixsui

    Problems with Hydration

    Not sure about it but i also have the feeling i use less hydration if i sit in a room instead of running all over the map with heavy gear. Maybe a developer can tell us more about this. But on the other hand it is not to important how exactly it works. For safety take drinks with you or golden star when entering a big map. Juice costs not much at therapist. I am not sure since i havent checked, but if you open your character screen in raid you should see a little arrow pointing down or up, showing you how much value you lose for example hyration per second it is i guess. Lost stomach is -0.15 for example. Maybe like this you can check after running or just measure it over time for example run for 2 minutes and look again after sitting still for 2 minutes.
  5. Phoenixsui

    Problems with Hydration

    No the sport bags similar to the once the scavs can cary but stationary on the maps. Looks similar to the medical bags. For example 2 of them are in room 310. 3 in the sport rooms underground and more in bathroom and so on. They are everywhere. Also in the villages. In houses or garages or benches. If you know where to look. You will find more than necessary. Some food and drinks spawn in jackets or on tables or just casually lying around on the ground.
  6. Phoenixsui

    Problems with Hydration

    Hey @Lord_Hammer Best solution is to carry 1 Golden Star in your Safecontainer. It has 10 charges and fills 100% Hydration and Energy every time. For the lootspots of drink search dufflebags all over the resort or where ever they are. They are really everywhere. Ofthen they contain even 2 drinks. In Preliminary patchnotes for 11.5 they write about changes for hydration. Please read it. It is always a good idea to read patchnotes for your favorit game ;). Best regards
  7. On labs insurance dont work. It is standard on this map, since it is a secret dangerous place and prapors guys wont find it.
  8. Phoenixsui

    EFT Video Contest Winners!

    Epic movies.
  9. Ihr findet uns fast täglich auf dem von @Cyver hier verlinkten Discord. @Stappa Schau doch da mal vorbei.
  10. Phoenixsui

    0.11.5 Vorläufige Patchnotes

    Hoffentlich wurde die Lautstärke nicht zu stark reduziert. Schwacher Regen war eh schon kaum hörbar aber ok wie es war. Ich verstehe nicht warum man hier auf die Heulthreads gehört hat. Man kann doch auch Discord lauter stellen oder das Spiel leiser, wenn das so ein Problem war...Naja mal sehen. Schöne Patchnotes
  11. Phoenixsui

    Explain this to me please

    I sometimes think the more mods und stuff i carry the more laggy the game feels. Still not sure after 2 years of playing. I think i also die more with good gear. But the Reason for it i dont know ;D.
  12. Phoenixsui


    If this happens ofthen, then always check your stomach after you took dmg. Or put your interface to always on. So you can see it better. If you got Water or an golden star in your inventory as mentiond many times, it should not happen anymore. I got dehydrated as well yesterday after i stayed in the raid for over 55 minutes. But my vision got blurry and i had more than enough time to realise it an use my golden star, it fills my hydration back to 100. Also i had only 1 dmg on limbs and i guess it was not even from dehydration. it was more like from running down the hill. I dont see it as an issue at the Moment.
  13. Phoenixsui

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    My current Favorit Setups. But they never come back after i die So i cant play it every raid. HK with Thermal HK Standard Different Angle M700 Sniper unsurpressed M700 upgraded
  14. Not only on Grach ;). Even better ;D.
  15. Phoenixsui

    Feedback & Ideen: Monat Januar

    Er meinte sicher die Scopes. Dazu hat er im Bug Bereich im deutschen Discord gepostet mit Bildern.