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    We won, we did it boyz Thread is no longer required ~
  2. Yep. They filter and ban stuff at the order of the people I mentioned. We regular moderators, etc. were quite happy for you guys to criticise and talk about the game and discuss. They felt otherwise...
  3. I know, I love tarkov and I loved moderating these forums seeing new items, seeing everyone's excitement. But those 3 people I mentioned, ruined my view on the community, and ruined the excitement and enthusiasm of every single staff member under their power. Remember how the forums used to be, and still are, censor fest? as well as reddit being censor fest? Yeah, thank the 3 community managers. Denis, Natalino, and Colonel Twerkins.
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  5. This isn't to punish BSG, this is to get Nikita to finally notice that the 3 major Community Managers have been pulling wool over his eyes for ages. He is going to see all of this and realise the type of people beneath him hiding information from him.
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    Well for one, you can't make and run your own subreddit. Subreddits need to be run by people not directly employed or affiliated with the company/group in question, to ensure that no bias is created. Subreddits that breach this are taken down by reddit staff. Some of the people protesting/quitting are actually employed and paid a wage by battle-state. BSG isn't directly responsible for the actions of the community managers, these guys aren't in direct contact and they're shifty. Also the unofficial discord has over 30k people on it, the largest mass, eft staff members and even BSG staff are in there sometimes, they communicate directly with BSG. Its in BSG's best interest to not make their own as it will surely and likely fail. Battlestate / EFT didn't make the decision, a group of tyrant community managers outside of EFT/Battlestate did. So blame them.
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    Yes, I am Satan. : ^ )
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    The community managers used to censor anything the forum mods or other staff managers would say before it could even get to the main Battlestate team. So we were unable to complain to people like Nikita about the current state of events.
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    The mods censor the community at the order of the community managers. I used to be a forum mod here. Let me tell you, they are dictators. Here is your extra "proof" of the collective shutdown. We haven't just rambled this together, its over 70k players across those 2 communities completely shut off in protest.
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    Escapers! Stand in protest! Necuja, a veteran staff member and active person within this community, the forums and general running of Battlestate's information across this forum, etc. was recently demoted from his position due to not being able to provide evidence chat logs from a chat that was deleted by an owner after the chat owner was removed from his position as Forum Moderator. It was literally impossible for evidence to be provided. This as well as a long line of abuse towards him from the current community managers in their tyranny. Many of you won't know Necuja, he was the manager of forum Staff and otherwise 'person of rank' in the BSG communications team, he was a great bud and former staff member to myself, he also took a lot of abuse from the current community managers, which I myself witnessed first hand. Necuja is one of the reasons that discord and major unofficial Tarkov communities has any communication with Battle State Games and with him gone it will be harder for any progress to occur further., The EFT subreddit and multiple EFT discords are coming together and locking off any activity in action in order to bring awareness to the community of how poorly BSG has handled their internal affairs. Put an end to these tyrant community managers silencing people, putting them down, and make them see the error of their ways! This will most likely get deleted, but swarms more will take its place, I am sure. That's collectively about 70k players affected ~
  13. LordVIP3R

    Will weapon jamming be added?

    Currently a form of weapon jamming is already in the game with its full animations, etc. This is currently caused by weapons with very low durability. If you're still a newer player or someone that dies quite a bit, you may not have noticed it too much thus far A very low durability weapon DOES jam. However further ways of jamming and further variables affecting your guns and gear are already planned to be added in the near future.
  14. LordVIP3R

    are there wipes in the game?

    The next "planned" or rather expected wipe should either be when A) Interchange map is released - or - B) When Open Beta is announced/released (we're currently in closed beta for those that didn't realise). Nothing is set in stone yet, just play the game as normal and enjoy guys. Wipes are normal for this point in development; however they definitely don't occur anywhere near as much as they used to back in alpha
  15. LordVIP3R

    Stash Expansion

    Yep, So you simply need to reset/wipe your in game account which will of course reset your current in game progression (your character + items will be as if you had just started, back to level 1). To reset the account, you must go to the official EFT website (which is technically separate to the forums), click on the logo in the top left of the forums to get straight there. Once there, click on your profile in the top right (literally "profile"). In that new menu, on the right hand side should be a menu like this: Simply click, "Reset the Game Profile". And then restart your game - If you don't choose to wipe now, a regular ingame wipe initiated by BSG development will also reset your account when an appropriate patch/update comes along.