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  1. blackkillder

    Mosin mod. M1891/30y

    j'ai tellement hate !!
  2. blackkillder


    i want it so much !!
  3. blackkillder

    Lost the wtrig in my game now im donne.

    mmm... you play for a fully year but you joined the game the 21 this month strange
  4. blackkillder

    Armes et variantes - Megaposte

    dans les arme confirmer il me semble qu'il y a aussi la p90 , le five-zeven et le svd
  5. blackkillder

    Talking Tarkov 5 : Traduction FR

    tu t'es vraiment fait chi** a tout traduire pour nous ?? mais cest un travaille de dingue que tu viens de faire. je ne peux que te dire merci
  6. blackkillder

    Q&A with Nikita Buyanov 01/08/2018

    keep the good work <3 much love!!
  7. blackkillder

    0.10 patch WIP

    i love you guys
  8. blackkillder

    Trailer patch 0.9

    1911 hype !!!
  9. blackkillder

    Photos From Battlestate - Pt. 2!

    you can see the top of the scar in the photo behind the "modelling''
  10. oula ! note a moi meme ne jamais énerver Pig-Mathieu
  11. blackkillder

    Talking Tarkov Podcast

    ooooh ok thank
  12. blackkillder

    Talking Tarkov Podcast

    the live is cancel ? There's nothing for 30 minutes
  13. blackkillder

    New Gear to come in future!

    can't wait for this i hope its come soon
  14. blackkillder

    New Merchant: The Mechanic

    ya he will use euros but i don't know when he wll appear maybe in the open beta
  15. blackkillder

    Le forum RPG basé sur Escape from Tarkov a commencé !

    aller le spam a commencer ^^