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  1. ApathyEnrage

    The Importance of Ammo Selection

    Also, I don't know why my audio is out of sync.... It's just the game audio... The video and my mic are synched... Gonna have to figure that one out..
  2. I'm just gonna go ahead and leave this little gem right here.... Ammo choice is kinda important PST GZH > PSO GZH.... Let this lesson be learned. https://clips.twitch.tv/LazyAltruisticSandstormStrawBeary
  3. ApathyEnrage

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the UWS guys on Woods just now (1 had a DVL the other full gear and an automatic). Great flank. My buddy accidentally aggro'd scavs and so you knew where we were. I had you dead to rights but when I left clicked to aim, my game was unfocused for some reason and so I couldn't fire. Good fight. I'm sad we missed the headshot on the DVL dude tho! GG
  4. ApathyEnrage

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy in the night raid on customs just a few minutes ago that I killed just inside the wall to construction zone. Thanks for the NVGs and M4. If it's any consolation. You took 3 full mags of TT ammo before you died. I also got out and completed all 4 markers for the Prapor quest! Solo with NVGs though? I don't know if that's wise. I appreciate them though!
  5. ApathyEnrage

    recommend a headset?

    I picked up a pair of HyperX Cloud IIs recently. They're not bad, but the fake surround sound just doesn't cut it... If you have the ports and the funds, get a headset with discreet surround sound. (I.e. each channel has its own cable) 'cause that's true surround.
  6. ApathyEnrage

    Need answers

  7. ApathyEnrage

    Full-Auto recoil to easy to handle ?

    Yeah... The recoil in this game is realistic, not COD style... Plus, you're firing a 5.45mm cartridge instead of the big 7.62 that the AK-47 / AKM traditionally use. (Hence these are AK-74s). IRL recoil is MUCH less than it's portrayed to be in a lot of video games. I've had the pleasure of firing an MP5 fully automatic. It basically just shakes in your hand. It's not the ridiculous bouncing all over the place that you see in CoD. The other thing is that you're probably firing weapons with stocks. Try removing the stock on an AKS and fire it full auto... Good luck keeping that puppy on target, lol.
  8. ApathyEnrage

    lol this game is horrid

    Apparently the years of being awful at games and being the one who feeds gear to people has made me extremely sadistic 'cause that's probably my favorite thing to do. Seal clubbing the nooblets who come in with major updates / releases, hahaha I'm a horrible person
  9. ApathyEnrage

    lol this game is horrid

    Nah, I enjoy selling their gear 'cause they're bad an run out in front of me
  10. ApathyEnrage

    lol this game is horrid

    Honestly, I'm glad there's no refund policy. Teaches the whiners to do a little friggen research before spending money... yes the starting grind was a bit difficult, but with the servers getting better (And they ARE getting better) it's easier and easier to gear up from just a hatchet. I lose 3 or 4 AKs per day, bunch of shottys pistols and usually 1 or 2 bigger weapons like M4s and DVL-10s. Yes it's frustrating, but it's also incredibly rewarding to wreck bad kids. This 'ain't no CoD where spawns are set safe because people don't play smart and just charge around. You're spawned into a hostile situation and you need to identify and deal with threats before they present themselves. First thing I do on spawn is move the OPPOSITE way I normally would. I EXPECT campers and when there aren't any, it's a bonus... Also, the whole "ERROR 604 QQ" bull crap is getting really tiresome... Literally take 2 minutes, read the effing stickied threads in the beta discussion and guess what... There's a viable workaround you can use to keep playing.... I would rep more than once if I was allowed I'm just gonna start posting this image in every stupid qq thread I see
  11. ApathyEnrage

    Game-Breaking Reload Glitch?

    You always need at least an empty mag slot that fits the mag you're reloading, so that means if you're using a SCAV vest with only 2 double sized mag slots, you can ONLY carry 1 extra mag and do normal reloads because technically you put the used mag into the empty slot, then take the fresh mag (Which opens up another slot for later reloading). If you have a vest with 4 double sized mag slots, you can carry a maximum of 4 mags (1 loaded mag and 3 spares) if you want to keep all your mags when reloading. Same goes for small mags and your pockets / vests. Any time you take a mag out of your gun, it needs to fit somewhere or your guy tosses it instead of interrupting your reload.
  12. ApathyEnrage

    Flash drives, SSD´s and other rare items

    I have never found a single one of any of those... I don't actually think they're in the game (At least from my own personal experience)
  13. VSS... Holy crap I like it... Found it stock on Factory, stuck me a SIG 4xvariable with an RDS on top. SOOOO dudly
  14. What he said... Frig, I'm lvl 30 and I won't be taking my VSS out anytime soon 'cause it's basicaly impossible to replace due to the barter requirements and how thin barter goods are lately.
  15. ApathyEnrage


    Personally, I agree that 1 exit (I'm looking at you Factory) is a bit harsh becasue of the camping. But I don't find it as much of an issue on the other maps. Also, I've been fortunate enough to drop the campers the 3 times I've run into them. And let me tell you, THAT is the most satisfying thing ever... Bastards sitting there with their gear hoping for a cheap easy kill before they extract with a bit of loot. I'm not usually one for douchy videogame antics like T-Bagging, but damn that would be the time to do it