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  1. TrueTurquoise


    My friend really wants this gun and I'm just wondering how viable it'll be. I'm not a gun nut by any means, so I'm not sure how thee rounds are, will these be good for armour?
  2. TrueTurquoise

    Are players just being salty ?

    Mixed bag. There's no denying this community has a lot of salt, but a lot of issues with the game and janky kills does make one ponder if it's a hacker or the game taking a dump and killing you in result. And, of course, there's a lot of real hackers around any game.
  3. TrueTurquoise

    Attention! Some Responses for you

  4. TrueTurquoise

    Team Killer Blacklist

    Better to make friends to go in with, never go with a random.
  5. TrueTurquoise

    New Great Britain and Netherlands Servers: Your Thoughts

    Yo, home country server
  6. TrueTurquoise

    Why when i tried to switch servers to europe this happened

    You dont have to swap servers to join friends, though?
  7. TrueTurquoise

    Laser weapons?

    Back in December people had encountered a bug where no sound was happening by the person shooting at them, it was pretty different for each person. It's still very much around, as it happened to me not long ago, that or we're very deaf.
  8. TrueTurquoise

    This is not ok. Plz fix ammo types.

    Lots of rounds are pretty shitty, yeah. Or it's just generally inconstant
  9. TrueTurquoise

    Spawn clumping issue resurfaced

    I've only had some bad spawns, but spawn rushing is a thing people will always exploit.
  10. Imagine the meta with that, Hatchet runs WITH uncounterable CQC because they're just running everywhere. I'd never run factory again. I like the idea but I don't know how that would work out in this tbh
  11. TrueTurquoise

    Factory invincibly

    Good to know it's just a matter of the wipe coming for this to be out, glitching is no fun.
  12. TrueTurquoise

    Another melee weapon

  13. TrueTurquoise

    Need more stash space for Standard Edition

    Haven't felt I need more space, myself. I manage to get what I need both early and late for wipes in my limited space, I kind of like it because it makes me hoard less and just use most of my stuff. For better or for worse.
  14. TrueTurquoise


    A female Scav would make more sense
  15. TrueTurquoise

    Another melee weapon

    Shovel when