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  1. JohanssoN85

    Unplayable/Crash on every death

    still crashing everytime i die or extract, unplayable
  2. JohanssoN85

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    i dont think killcam is bad idea, if it only shows the actual kill and nothing before it or after, and its only made available after the raid is completed for every player on it. i dont really see anything negative about it
  3. JohanssoN85

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    havent been playing EFT for a couple of months, i gave it a try today, but its just the same desync, laggy, low fps, lag on ADS, hatchet fags all over. nothing new here
  4. JohanssoN85

    Scope zoom lag

    this ADS lag must be new, i have a big problem with it now but i didnt before the open beta test patch, i cant play the game right now, too laggy+desync
  5. JohanssoN85

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    i dont know if its me u are referring too, if yes then u need to read the whole thread
  6. JohanssoN85

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    i just wrote he SPAWNED same position as me and whacked me with an axe , and sonnytolo thinks its ridiculous complaint haha, low IQ i guess if u dont see a problem there.
  7. JohanssoN85

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    just died after 5 seconds in the raid to a hatchling, thats alot of fun, he spawned right on me, took one swing and im dead.
  8. JohanssoN85

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    as i said before i dont have much problems with hatchlings killing me, but ofc i have been axed to death a few times, but i still think 75% hatchlings in every raid is boring. and someone had an idea of buttstroke melee attacks, sure why not, but the devs could also let us put bayonets on our rifle´s, would be a cool addition.
  9. JohanssoN85

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    i dont have a problem with them killing me, my problem is that instead of getting into firefights with other PMC´s with guns of any kind that i can loot if i win the fight, i only bump into the hatchlings and they do not contribute to anything in the raid except for the dogtag. they take up a spot in the raid from someone who acually plays TARKOV
  10. JohanssoN85

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    its fully possible to level up with guns, u only bump in to hatchlings in every raid and its annoying for the ones that actually bring poo out
  11. JohanssoN85

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    you ran circles around ppl, yeah thats called descync if u aint got killed by them then. you cant get flashdrives when u have guns? the only ones that need to "learn to play" is the pathetic hatchet runners
  12. JohanssoN85

    Hatchet Running nonsense

    i cant understand why ppl are playing hatchet runs at all... whats the fun in that? they cant be so ducking broke that they cant afford a makarov 1 mag and ammo as a minimum.
  13. JohanssoN85

    Footsteps and Movement Sounds

    i have also noticed this problem with players/scavs not making any sound while walking and sprinting, but i also have another problem, on factory for example, i cannot make out from what direction i hear steps, i have died many times when im 100% sure that a enemy is approaching from behind me so i turn around, then i get shot from the opposite direction of what heard, feels like the sound is mixed up, i cant even hear if someone is above me o below. anyone else with this problem??