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  1. JohanssoN85

    Armor does too much.....

    to me it seems like it has very little impact energy in the video, im guessing the ballistic gel is pretty wobbly compared to a human body
  2. JohanssoN85

    We need Kill Cam

    my and others suggestion was a short killcam after the raid time is over, a full replay of entire raid is not needed for me personally, no point discussing anyway on this thread, but i am looking forward to see the response on this
  3. JohanssoN85

    We need Kill Cam

    i seriously think you have issues, do you read your own comments? "Theres nothing you can do to stop me and theres nothing you can do to get Kill Cam to the game." again you are stating facts you have no control over
  4. JohanssoN85

    We need Kill Cam

    i read all your crap p4nus, i dont know whats wrong with you. i know what game im playing, been playing it longer than you p4annus. yeah we have all heard what you think 10 times atleast by now i think we now where you stand on this suggestion, but there are other than you that might wanna discuss it so let them "I know Im in the category of gamers EFT is supposed to be designed for" what category is that?
  5. JohanssoN85

    We need Kill Cam

    why are u acting like you are deciding what will be in the game? you have no clue you do act like a little snowflake though, maybe change the attitude? this is the suggestion forum where we should suggest things we would like to see in the game so its not that weird ppl actually do that, some of us will like the idea and some dont... whats the problem? p4nnus you do not work for BSG so cut the crap
  6. JohanssoN85

    We need Kill Cam

    the current state the game is in you get in alot of weird situations, im 100% sure all of us have had some strange deaths and you wonder how the duck didnt i kill this guy, if we didnt have them no killcam was needed right now we do and even development of the game probably could benefit from it if we could send in some video of it happening when the game runs good with no desync,armorbugs,ammobugs, soundbugs,freezes then we wont be needing it anymore in my opinion. well BSG decides in the end if they want it or not , BSG and p4nnus it seems
  7. JohanssoN85

    We need Kill Cam

    from reading your post you seem to think everyone is camping bushes and holding keypoints (that is so rare and secret that nobody knows about them) i dont think the majority play the game that way, not saying its wrong. dying is mostly a fail yeah i agree but in alot of situations something just feels off when you die, sometimes you unload full mags into ppl and they dont die and they 180 and 1 taps you, sometimes it just feels like they know exactly where you are when they couldnt have heard you or seen you, sometimes i can get full auto mowed down from far far away that aint realistic is it? list can go on some of these cases might be due to desync, lag freezes u name it, but would like to see how it went down in a killcam it has not been confirmed by a BSG member, the answer you got was that it wasnt planned, remember? the AC isnt working perfect now and will never do, it does not destroy anything for anyone thats bullshit
  8. JohanssoN85

    We need Kill Cam

    can you further explain how it is unfair to use a killcam? im not getting that at all, a killcam would be for everyone to use. im not saying BSG should scrap their AC and only use a report system with video feed only either so i dont get your point. it could just act as an secondary AC.
  9. JohanssoN85

    Fort armor too OP?

    so i guess you had ak74NorM with unknown ammo if it wasnt your gun at raid start
  10. JohanssoN85

    Fort armor too OP?

    i dont think there is a 60 round 5.56 AK mag either
  11. JohanssoN85

    Fort armor too OP?

    didnt even know there was a 60 round mag for ak103
  12. JohanssoN85

    Backpacks are full.

    this happens all the time, in raids when you equip a backpack from another PMC, and you search it and its empty, then you try to drag items into it they get red as if there already is an item in that space. After the raid in your stash screen you can see the backpack you looted from PMC was full of stuff but you could not see it in the raid. i guess that the issue you are talking about?
  13. JohanssoN85

    We need Kill Cam

    i dont understand everyone who are against a killcam, it would be a great feature to report cheaters and also have a chance to learn from own mistakes. all against it seem to believe that a killcam/replay must be shown right after you died, i dont think thats what the majority wants, we want to see how we got killed AFTER the raid, if it was a potential cheater or if you just was outplayed fair and square. so a killcam/replay after the raid ,YES pls and now you think we would like to sit and watch the deathscreen in 40 minutes until the played that killed you extracts? what? why would there be a need for that, we could just get it as a message after that specific raid is over. what do you guys have to hide so bad that you would quit playing if this feature was in the game ( as someone above stated)
  14. JohanssoN85

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB * (1) Shmaska
  15. JohanssoN85

    1st Impressions after Patch 0.9

    feels like even more stutter and freezes then before patch and now a makarov bullet thru the head isnt enough to kill anyone either, huh very nice