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    I dont often see hackers.. or at least I dont think they're hacking.. usuallyi think it's players with supperior skills.. BUT.. a few days ago i killed one on shoreline.. laying prone behind the pool table on the second floor, building closest to the rocks extraction point.. dude runs into the room and starts blasting straight at me but hitting the pool table instead.. idiot was autoaiming at me.. me, since i was prone, took his legs out and killed him.. this was an obvious hacker using autoaim and knowing my exact location.. and still he died.. ha!
  2. njdaemon

    The Beauty of EFT Concept Art

    for what? your phone? those images are tiny! would be awesome if they could upload high-res
  3. njdaemon

    possible use for screw nuts

  4. njdaemon

    EFT Fan Comic "Ask The Escapers"

    you're one image better than BSG's text RPG
  5. njdaemon

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    "He might be hacking!! Report him!!" "Damn he's glitching, oh well it's just a pistol" "He's rubber banding like Reed Richards!" "I'm gonnakeel you Marlboro Man!!" "Dont bring a hatchet to a gun fight!"
  6. njdaemon


    havent practiced any trick shots yet
  7. njdaemon

    27/06 Bans for using forbidden software

    mind telling us, what servers majority of hackers are on? simply out of curiosity, as I very rarely come across any hackers (or i think idont)
  8. njdaemon

    Hacker ruining the Game Once again

    I've been playing for almost a year and I've very rarely come across any that I would call hackers.. in all possible cases i'd say maybe 10.. what servers do you guys play on?
  9. njdaemon

    How to properly use a flashlight

    to compensate for bad lighting indoors when it's bright daylight outside when searching for items in maps like shoreline
  10. njdaemon

    Secure Containers Should Be Read-Only In-Raid

    if you dont like how secure containers work, sell yours! no one is stopping you from that! youdont like hatchling sprints well boohoo, do several yourself until you get the gear you want and stop doing it I myself havent found a single thing in the marked room since the last wipe and icouldnt care less.. i get my gear off of the people i kill or other locations
  11. njdaemon

    Mini game

    if you havent played the russian gamebliat when you were a child you, are not a true cheeki bree ki
  12. njdaemon

    Take out Scav aimbot

    in real life shotguns are accurate up to a 100 yards.. First time I was shooting clay pigeons was the first time i was shooting a shotgun and i hit the majority of them.. therefore dont be suprised that scavs hit you from a distance, especially with shotguns.. it takes very little skill also.. the very first time i was shooting my ar-15, i had zeroed it in and was hitting headshots at 50 yards after less than 2 hours.. from a bench of course, not standing or moving.. scavs shooting through walls or doing 360s i agree is a bug but otherwise scavs are very realistic and not OP
  13. njdaemon

    dying of dehydration in 60 mins

    Dehydration during a thunderstorm is a bit silly.. Overall, I think this mechanic will make more sense when maps are combined.
  14. njdaemon

    Comtac Problem

  15. njdaemon

    Comtac Problem

    Comtacs saved my cheeki end plenty of times, they work. You can hear scavs and noisy players from much greater distances.. ragman sells them at level 2 I believe