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  1. njdaemon

    Cheater clipped (Aimbot)

    if this was an aimbot i doubt he would ADS.. you can see him ADS as he walks out, prior to placing the headshot
  2. njdaemon

    Something needs to be done about this BSG

    this crap was happening with AR's a few days ago.. with the low profile gas block or whatever it's called
  3. njdaemon

    Would you like a wipe in patch 0.11?

    NO BSG crew are you idiots? you said in the patch notes, "NO WIPE". are you not capable to sticking to your words with the simplest of things? then you release a survey for only a few hours? you sure are a frustrating studio...
  4. njdaemon


    send it as a bug report.. they dont like people publicizing things like this and i'd assume theres a bigger chance of it getting to the right people..
  5. njdaemon

    5.39 BP sold out? What now? Naked runs or what?

    you mean 545x39? there will be days that ammo and other supplies will not be available on certain days.. it's tarkov, not dicks sporting goods
  6. njdaemon

    We need dev do something with those hacker :(

    i've seen maybe 3 hackers(that i'm sure of) since the last wipe.. and i'm level 36 now, so i've been spending a lot of time in-game.. not knowing who killed you does not mean person was hacking.. i've landed many unsuspecting headshots on people in helmets ..or maybe i'm just lucky
  7. i'll just be here.. enjoying the sweet flavor of vita juice, in the moonlight, in my bush, until the patch drops..
  8. we just had one, absolutely no need for it unless they implement a substantial change to the game.. adding a map is not a valid reason for it. if you want a wipe then reset your account.
  9. njdaemon

    New headset. Suggestions please!

    Logitech 933 does it for me.. gameplay, listening to music.. all good
  10. njdaemon

    tarkov realism btw

    well this is a single bullet.. demonstrated by this genius even rifle calibers..
  11. njdaemon

    tarkov realism btw

    as OVERpowered as armor is now.. i feel like before it was UNDERpowered.. maybe it's broken at the moment.. and i get that spraying bullets in someones helmet should cause more punishment, damage or sight or whatever.. but at the same time.. if i have a fort on and someone sprays me with bullets to my chest and stomach i would expect to barely feel it, in real life.. fort has metal plates yes? so getting sprayed with 9mm i expect to be tickled
  12. njdaemon

    tarkov realism btw

    i did over 700 damage to some guy's armor last night with around two mags from the MPX, guess who died body damage was around 350 but i also killed a scav before mag dumping on the player
  13. njdaemon

    An example of why I'm leaving the game

    the dude was camping the far corner and got a lucky, what sounded to be a pistol headshot.. oh well.. blame the player not the game
  14. njdaemon

    pay to win?

    actually this game is pay-to-lose welcome to Tarkov
  15. njdaemon

    Current State of Tarkov

    i cant wait for a competent studio to copy this game... hmmm CDPR's next project after Cyber Punk? it would still be released quicker than this never-ending alpha (or as they call it a beta)