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  1. The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    just wondering.. will players still get a keybar and whatever else it was that was given as a gift a few months ago?
  2. The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    well.. at least hiding in a bush is still free
  3. Knives and hatchets throwable?

    you throw it and then what? run away? this would not be a lethal blow.. unless it's a headshot with the hatchet and the guy had no helmet.. it's just better to run up and try multiple swings rather than put all your luck into a single throw On the other hand, it would be hilarious and i'd love to see a hatchet stuck to someones helmet
  4. This Is Crazy

    it's server issue.. never had this happen vs PMC but i've had some immortal scavs that would not die until i restarted the game
  5. Dying simulator

    sometimes it's a dying simulator, sometimes it's a killing simulator.. I get those days too from time to time
  6. @wojwen dude seriously? who cares? this is not a game breaking issue.. if this bugs you then i'm sorry.. but this should not be on a high priority list and the only logical time to improve this would be if they redesign the interface
  7. i play in the same resolution.. what icons are pixelated? just curious because there's nothing that bugs me
  8. Player Holes

    yup.. my dumb curious butt ended in there..
  9. Player Holes

    yes close to the construction yard but closer to the gas station it's between the gas station and the factory key shortcut. close to the turned over train cart.. but I'll be honest with you, there's nothing there and if you jump in there you will NOT be able to get out. to the OP's point, there are places from which you can not exit if you jump in there
  10. Player Holes

    these, the double stacked one has a surprise inside
  11. Player Holes

    the large cylindrical concrete construction pieces on customs have a factory key inside
  12. What's the point of shotguns?

    they're good for trading for an m4 ..if you have inventory space to hoard them that is
  13. remember to bring a flashlight and shine it all around you expert advise.. you can put multiple flashlights on one gun, works especially well with the semi shotguns.
  14. Why is Factory so unfun?

    if only factory could be randomly generated for every raid... memory of the map does not completely equal skill