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  1. njdaemon

    Where the **** are the scavs on woods?

    they're there.. killed my 14 in about 4 raids
  2. njdaemon

    Thanks for ruin the game

    there's usually problems up to a week after major patch releases.. i learned not to cutie about it anymore and just be patient.. i suggest you do the same lol i was autocorrected from "Bish" to "cutie".. good one
  3. njdaemon

    friendly usec

    dude, i shot you with a shotgun but then we cleared customs together and killed the scav boss.. i was the naked mossin/shotgun dude, u were geared and couldve killed me but didnt.. nice teamwork.. some screenshots of you..
  4. njdaemon


    these are sound problems that have existed for over a year now or even longer but BSG has never said a single word about fixing.. all you can do it get used to it.. if someone will be close to you the sounds will be louder but it's true, you can hear a BEAR/USEC fart on the other side of the map
  5. njdaemon

    Halloween Mask

    pumpkin-head is back too i guess this was the "technical update"
  6. njdaemon

    who is infront of you?

    we should be able to give out business cards in raids If they were customizable jpgs that people can upload that would be the bees knees.
  7. hmm, it would be ok if punishment would be more severe.. like depletion of stamina (adrenaline rush so the gun is shaking for 5-15 seconds) and a loud shout from the person that almost team-killed, such as "Fuddley Doodley Teamerino! I almost pew-pewed you!!" but hey, i only play solo.. and i dont think bsg will buy this mechanic honestly
  8. njdaemon

    Scavs Screaming in agony

    I love the scavs that fart at the end of their monologues
  9. they look so clean that it makes them look quite empty.. or perhaps I'm just used to the garbage everywhere on other maps like interchange. could be an interesting change in overall feel/atmosphere of the map Looks like no scavs got inside and PMC's would be the first ones in.
  10. people like you need to stop preassuming that the suggestion is worth anything.. other side of the same coin.. to add what little i know.. 1. it's the spring in the mag that degrades and not the mag itself.. unless it's physically damaged 2. mags needs to be taken apart to clean from carbon buildup from the blow-back of gases MUCH MORE OFTEN then you need to replace the spring. we dont need a minigame of cleaning mags
  11. how about boots degrading as well champ? perhaps we need to change our panties in the hideout as well.. socks too? so we dont get trenchfoot.. I want TACTICAL DIAPERS so I can sh*t myself on the run
  12. a dude once was teleporting around me then did the side-to-side shake as i was bleeding out.. at which point i threw a nade at our feet and took him out as well as myself.. i died with a smile this was about six months ago it not late 2017.. the second time a saw an obvious hacker was when i was hiding the village by the tunnel exit on shoreline, not making any noise.. a dude with a pistol ran in and insta-head-shot me.. this was when m1a's were new and i had one on me other deaths for all i know i just did not see the shooter and will not classify them as hacks
  13. njdaemon

    What systems are you running?

    I would just get the 4790k, depending on how your system performs with other games and save money for a bigger overall upgrade in a year or two
  14. njdaemon

    Various AKs - Paying attention to the details

    BSG coders just got tarkoved