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  1. " The Arsenal " - By The Collector

    Exactly ^^
  2. " The Arsenal " - By The Collector

    That's why I don't use them or any gear at all. I know it is stupid, but losing gear because of desync is just frustrating. I always go in into Customs as a hatchling and play "gungame" mode, that's actually quite fun.
  3. " The Arsenal " - By The Collector

    I do have one spare right now.
  4. " The Arsenal " - By The Collector

    This does not include my other M4s in my inventory, my 4 (full) item cases and my 2 money cases.
  5. Hey, normalerweise poste ich nicht im DE Teil des Forums, und direkt vorab das wir kein gejammer über desync. Die Frage ist wer von euch alles hat mit massivem Desync zu kämpfen? Ich hab langsam das Gefühl das besondern die Deutschen Server probleme haben, da zumindest die großen Streamer (die ja alle US basiert sind) deutlich weniger damit zu kämpfen haben. Ich selbst habe seit dem Patch nicht eine gute Runde spielen können, und der desync ist derzeit schlimmer als damals in der Alpha. Also falls wir das auf die Deutschen Server, (oder eine besondere Server Region) rückführen könnten, wäre das sicher für alle hilfreich. Ich selbst: EU - Germany, NRW (idr auf Server in Frankfurt).
  6. Desync - wer hat es noch?

    Link: Beitrag von Twerkins: Edit: Supportticket erstellen hilft nicht, hab ich bereits getan, wird bereits mit Standardantwort geschlossen. Ich kann nur empfehlen schreibt Twerkins alle eine PM, dass er da was falsch gemacht hat.
  7. Desync - wer hat es noch?

    So der "EU servers are broken" thread im genrell Forum wurde geschlossem mit der Aussage das es keine Probleme gibt und es nur einzelfälle sind und es an deren Verbindungen/ISPs liegen muss. Das wiederspricht natürlich maximal der Community, die einzigen EU Spieler die keine probleme haben zu scheinen sind aus der UK Region, sonst habe ich nichts positives von anderen EU Regionen gehört. Dazu meckern die Leute in den Twitchstreams so gut wie nur über die EU Server. Dazu wenn man sich die ganzen US Streamer anschaut, laufen deren Server einfach nur perfekt. Dann gab es noch vor ein paar Tagen den Strawpool von Nikita selbst erstellt über die EU Server, und das Ergebnis war auch ziemlich klar: EU Server haben mehr Probleme als nur den "normalen" desync. Also was jetzt? Hat BSG intern einfach nur massive Kommunikationsprobleme oder wurde dort entschieden das dass Problem an den Spielern liegt. Packen wir jetzt Mistgabeln und Fackeln aus? Tarkov ist praktisch zu 90% unspielbar dank unserer tollen EU Server, aber ab jetzt sind wir das Problem und nicht mehr die Server.
  8. The Hatchet Club

    Don't worry, I have enough shiny pewpews that are ready for you to inspect, just take a very close look at that hole in front (you may see a flash). (offtopic aside, you don't reach lvl 35 with just hatched runs) ^^
  9. The Hatchet Club

    Are you already level 35 and did all your quests? Your inventory is full with fancy AKs but you are tired of using them because you get desynced anyway? Get constantly shoot by bots through doors or trees because they follow a different set of rules? Join the hatched club! For people who don't care anymore. We also have hatched formed cookies. Sidenote: It is actually quite relaxing to do this if you have the full EU server experience, you can finally stop caring and hold a nice low blood pressure.
  10. The Hatchet Club

    Did you just assume my health status? Someone must clearly hatched away some parts of your brain
  11. Desync - wer hat es noch?

    Update: Ich habe Nikita auf die DE Server in Frankfurt angesprochen und er hat gesagt er lässt einen Techniker drüber schauen. Also hoffen wir mal das es stimmt und wir auf eine verbesserung unserer Server hoffen können.
  12. Desync - wer hat es noch?

    Ja natürlich haben alle desync, aber wenn dir die Streamer anschaust hat die US Region deutlich weniger desync als unsere ^^
  13. Desync - wer hat es noch?

    Das gehört mit zum Desync, kannst noch Standort mit angeben?
  14. Lag

    yes, it is called desync, everyone has hit right now. Next patch will have some improvements (we hope) for that included.
  15. Anonymous hoarders of Tarkov

    Hello, my name is Daniel and I have a hoarding issue.
  16. Anonymous hoarders of Tarkov

    How should I know that? We don't have guns here But thx for the info ^^
  17. Anonymous hoarders of Tarkov

    Yeah I totally understand that. I really hope the 10x60 stash is not the maximum stash when the hideouts are available because it is way to small ^^
  18. Anonymous hoarders of Tarkov

    All big boy AKs are stolen from players and then modded by me to be usable ^^ All western weapons are also stolen from players. Mp 153 / Saiga are from bots and players and then modded. I had 2 mio rubbels more, but lost one million on peacekepper with a nice moving error while trying to buy dollars ^^ I sold all my kedrs because I had multiple times the issue that they wont shoot. They act like the mag is empty with a nice "click click click" even if the mag is full. So I stopped using them.
  19. It does happen, but this is just one form of the desync and not the main one everyone has. They main "desync" issue most people are having is clearly engine related
  20. 1. was multiple times state on the dev stream (of course everyone knows that this is not true) 2. That's just what a netcode and playing with a high latency does 3. Is very simplified, but still true regarding optimizing your engine. This is just how it work if you work with a thrid party or your own engine, thats just your normal daily work there. Well let me try to explain it better (maybe I dont have the right words in English for that): In short: A single person can lag out an entire game if the netcode is freaking out and don't know how to deal with it. (or bad netcode). The server tries to keep the gamestate for everyone up to date, of course this is impossible in real time so you have multiple ways of handling this like entity interpolation, input prediction and lag compensation (for the bad connections) to keep everyone happy. But if you have engine issues and only a "rudimentary" netcode that constantly freak out your gamestate, like interacting with a physical object like a door or rock number 2413 what happens is (and that is very simple said) your math gets wrong witch freaks our your gamestate (what players CAN notice as desync, a crash, a glitch, funny physics and more). So you try to build your engine this way that it will try to figure this issues out and gets it's math correct again. They just recently update to a new Unity version and you can except that this made a lot of issues. Things that work before need to be changed, it breaks stuff, you need to get familiar with the update and such things. Edit: Also it should be noted that this is not a Tarkov specific issue, this is stuff you have to deal with in every engine and mp games.
  21. What gear do you have in real life?

    Since weapons are not allowed in Germany, I just have a knife ^^ But it's blade is only 5cm long, because you are not allowed to carry a knife where the blade is longer as 8,5cm. But at least it has a fancy seat belt cutter and window tip:)
  22. Anonymous hoarders of Tarkov

    The worst thing is once you reached a certain point in the game, even if you try to rambo it there is a huge change to get out with more gear instead of losing it. I need a bigger stach
  23. Watching your favorite booby anime, while lots of people die around you would give me some mixed feelings
  24. I agree with this, but I don't want to be able to watch netflix on this glasses while my smartgun link automatically kills everyone around me. ^^
  25. People dont realize that there a "different" desync situations happen in this game. 1. Server overload 2. A guy with a crap connection, there is already enough video evidence where you can see that a single guy with a horrible connection desyncs the game for everyone in an instance. As soon he is dead, everything runs fine again. This is a netcode issues. 3. Desync because of degrading float precision. This happens when you have the famous "I have to wait minutes for something to happen desync" (no, this does not counts for Oceania players, you are just lagging hard). If this happens you can see the physics freaking out, bouncing guns on the ground, interaction with broken objects and so on. And this means your float precision is degrading hard. This is a engine issue. 1. Would be solved if they would activate their "5000 beta servers" instead of the 5 alpha server where we are still playing on. 2. Would be 50% solved if they would open up server for Oceania and South Africa. The other 50% is optimizing the netcode. 3. Well same as with the netcode, they need to work on their engine to fix it. It would also help to throw more power at a instance so it can solve its gamestate problem faster, but this is not real solution and they obviously don't want to invest more in servers ^^ So we have to wait till someone who is good at math fixes their engine issues