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  1. fankk

    Nikita Notice Me Senpai

    Yeah bulk of this was already suggested or is already planned. Like the armor plates and armor specific hit boxes.
  2. fankk

    Streamers ?

    This threads been dead for months. Glad you felt a need to revive it. Fact is, the OP asked why someone would be banned. Deadly's bot warns people to not stream snipe him, or they'll be banned from his channel and any servers related to him. No where did he say they'd be banned from tarkov. It's really not that complicated.
  3. fankk

    Hey all :)

    Welcome to tarkov, friend!
  4. Except I check every room because people like to sit in every single room - hatchets run to dorms and pick random rooms to hide in. Same as interchange - and they'll whip out a pistol or AK from their secured case. Not an easy test, you're wrong.
  5. I've done the same thing as that 'hacker' man. It's tarkov. Things happen. There are no 'uncommon' spots in maps as small as these, especially with the amount of people who have the free time to put endless hours into the game.
  6. I don't get how you people can be so confident someone has ESP or aimbot. I'm not saying there isn't a hacker issue, but I think it's super convenient everyone who gets 1 tapped while they were sneaking, and their conclusion is alsways "hey I got killed by an ESP". Been playing the game since Alpha, as have many others, and frankly with people who've played as long as I, or even longer, anticipating players everywhere on the map becomes common place and second nature. I've one tapped people who sneak into bushes from 100 meters away because this game has so so so many sight lines you can engage from, and with certain rendering issues this game has, sometimes I see someone whom on their screen is entirely concealed. Just food for thought.
  7. fankk

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    Me Me
  8. fankk

    Think of a phrase for the Scav or PMC!

    as long as USEC is being vulgar every other word of a sentence, its good. I think it good one would be, after getting a kill, he sounds surprised if you mutter, like what @LightningLiner suggested. Stuff like "Oh sh**, I got 'em!" Stuff like that.
  9. fankk

    Just switch on battle-eye

    Genuinely don't understand all these hacker sights. I haven't seen a hacker since the start of .8, and it was a single speed hacking player scav. I also think claiming ESP and Aimbot is pretty meh in a game like tarkov. Just my opinion, it's tough to prove. They could just be nutty good with a buddy somewhere giving call outs. I do that a lot.
  10. Your suggestion is gonna get shot down and the post is gonna get locked because this very same suggestion has been suggested in the past and had the same public reaction.
  11. fankk

    Player Scav rework suggestion.

    Markers in a realistic shooter. Nah. Absolutely not. I like not being able to trust other player scavs - it fits their lore perfectly. No random damage for killing another player scav. See above. I agree with the 5 minutes before extracting, not only for scav but for PMC as well.
  12. fankk

    We need Kill Cam

    I don't need to argue rofl.
  13. Look at that, everyone whined the game was too hard and the devs reverted it. Sad.
  14. fankk

    We need Kill Cam

    No. Absolutely not.
  15. fankk

    Ninja Changes Not in Patch Note...

    Okay, I still spawn with both.