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  1. After Patch 0.8

  2. I think its hilarious how the devs normally don't give a date. They give a date, and now people beg for a time. Lmao.
  3. Why are hatchlings so taboo?

    "Intolerant" LOLLLLLLL. Okay buddy. I'm glad I need to be tolerant on a video game. Oh wait, I don't. I gave my opinion. I don't think they contribute any to the game. They're boring, they do nothing but run at you and either desync around you, or die in about two seconds. Boring boring boring.
  4. Why are hatchlings so taboo?

    Never been outplayed by a hatchet, and I brutally hate them. To me the game is about risk / reward with incredible gun play. Hatchets don't contribute to the incredible gun play, or to the risk / reward system.
  5. Shiny new items

    r u saying the modelling team isn't the same as the NETWORKING team???????????
  6. New modifications in Escape from Tarkov

    What about those MP5 parts that were shown off many o' months ago?
  7. When will the next wipe be.

    Next time you drop a deuce, hopefully.
  8. Will they ever stop whiping stash

    Yes they will, when the game is fully released, as they've stated. Plenty of times before. Use the search function / do some research
  9. How do you even progress in this game?

    welcome to tarkov my friend. We've all gotten wrecked for days, even weeks straight.
  10. Still can buy EOD. Why?

    pretty sure EOD only got a free copy if purchased in 2016 or something like that, I don't remember but their was a pre-requisite.
  11. Gear to Streamers

    Get over it. Most of them suck and lose the gear.
  12. I cant tell if this is Desync or a Hacker

    You probably were shot through the door. When I'm on factory, and spawn white chem, I rush to cover breach (the room next to where you died), glass hall, and the two doors into forklift. Most of the time I'll spray some rounds through each door and at the corners of each wall where people like to sit.
  13. KEEP looted gains in OFFLINE mode plz

  14. Too much Fort Armor

    I'm fine with it. I'd like to see more fort readily available.
  15. Intercepting Player transactions

    I once killed a guy who's backpack was full of colt buffer tubes