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  1. Teaguzzler

    I'm so sick of spawn camping and aholes

    Well actually it is both fun and what you are meant to do to other players. If your looking for a game with more social interaction dayz would be better as people are more receptive to it particularly on RP servers. As for wanting a refund you surely must have watched videos or streamers to gauge whether this was a game for you and if you did not then there's only yourself to blame.
  2. Teaguzzler

    no more Hatchlings

    As far as i understand if you are broke the game will give you funds or a weapon . I dont even understand how people are "broke" ive never been broke in this game and i have about a 56% survival rate which isn't great. I cant answer for the devs or deadly but i see nothing wrong with the idea . The facts are if you go in with gear your more like to come out with more gear than whats in your safe box . As for waiting 20 mins just do what i do start of your session scav in run that then pmc by the time your done your scav is ready to go again
  3. Teaguzzler

    Magazine Loader Idea

    This is what they should implement into the game . It should not be available for purchase but it should be a rare item to find. The clips could be availble for purchase .
  4. Teaguzzler

    Magazine Loader Idea

    Realistically speaking thats exactly how soldiers reload their weapons on the battlefield . Nato rnds come normally in 120rnd bandoliers on 10rnd clips which go into a speed loader . No one is ever given loose rounds . The one shown is for loose rnds and is only really good for rangedays and civilians .
  5. Teaguzzler

    Change up the spawns to prevent camping

    They have already altered the spawns from last patch and they are somewhat random. Camping is also a valid tactic and it will never change because it works on the unprepared and inexperienced.
  6. Teaguzzler

    no more Hatchlings

    Correct me if im wrong but im sure it was said on a live stream when they bring in the health insurance system the only way to lower the cost of it will be to take in gear as this will lower the chance of you needing the insurance in the first place.
  7. Teaguzzler

    Anyone willing to drop me a Gamma?

    You can get 2x3 sized safe container from lvl 4 PK and like you said there is a quest to unlock the Epsilon i doubt anyone will drop you a gamma why would they ? They are also adding new ones with the patch. His 2nd to last paragraph hints at its for after the patch .
  8. Teaguzzler

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    He did name it incorrectly but it was more of a marketing ploy to sell to the masses as a "silenced" weapon sounds more appealing to someone than a "suppressed". Short and simple, “Silencer” is the legal name, “Suppressor” is the functional/descriptive name. So if you want to be legally correct, call it a silencer, and if you want to be technically correct, call it a suppressor, either way, you are correct.
  9. Teaguzzler

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    I don't know where your playing but im getting straight into matches and then finding them full of geared players and it's not an issue. I'm finally having some of the most rewarding pvp I've had in this game its so much better than having a hatchet fest and is actually worth taking all my gear out to meet people of equal gear power .
  10. Teaguzzler

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    now you found out why people are triggered . i Just want to pvp geared players now there's more hatches than ever cos most cant even afford a a full setup to run with worst event ever !
  11. Teaguzzler

    Why i cant cross that drain when i going slow

    thats why you should carry pain killers
  12. Teaguzzler

    Factory key spawn?

    I got mine from a scav i killed in factory it was just in his scav bp .
  13. Teaguzzler

    KAC Compensator

    not sure if peacekeeper sells it prob needs to be max lvl for him This also handy for your weapons if you haven't seen it already