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    That is the point as soon as they search, download and configure any kind of cheat to the game. That can be hack files, adjusting brightness or altering textures...... They loose. They may kill people and get equipment but that is not winning that is just the same as if the devs gave it to them. The only benefit they get is by frustrating other who play the game by the rules and enjoy the challenge. It concerns me that in society today we are raising a generation of mard arses smothered by mummy and daddy who think they are always right and automatically intitlled to everything. They have no patience and no skill to be able to play a game by the rules on a level playing field. They simply stamp their childish feet, cry to mummy and aim to spoil it for other who do have patience and skill that they really want but haven't been raised to achieve.
  2. Sharpie


    I have enjoyed gaming since the Sinclair xz 81 so i am an old gamer. I understand that some people can not handle loosing, or the fact they are weak, or their kit is poor. Hackers used to put me off gaming - knowing I had no chance killed the fun of the game. Do they realise they are weak and childish? maybe not. Maybe they think they are all powerful and that makes them special. They can think what they want, and they can kill me all they like. I just look at them as elite mobs now / obsicales to a grate game. I solo most of the time so to escape with good loot and afew kills is a great reward. The hackers are just a childish obstruction to be avoided. What they get from the game is nothing so they loose the moment they activate a hack. #loosers #babys #childish they cant cope with a real game and they have no skill.
  3. Sharpie

    End Hachet runs

    Hatchet runs are killing the game. They break the realism and atmosphere being created and will ruin the economy of the game. It has become so prolific now that most games have at 50% hatchlings which is spoiling the game for all. Hatchlings are also seen as an easy way to achieve quests at no risk which is surely contrary to what the devs intended. Maybe a penalty should be implemented if a minimum kit is not taken into a rain and the secure containers not available?
  4. Sharpie

    Countercheating measures

    Just thought this is the place to post the sky man pic.
  5. i just got in and had this error. I logged into my account redownloaded the launcher which over wrote the one installed, picked up a launcher update installed, checked file integrety and i go in no problem again. Hope this helps (dont shoot me if we meet ingame)