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  1. AccelEvo

    Cheating too rampant, especially @ Factory

    To say that cheaters are rare is insane. I have seen players split the sky of customs flying to be first to get to the marked room. Players have killed me through the smallest of crevices with insta head-shots. A lonely pistolero killed MY ENTIRE TEAM OF 4 all with headshots on factory with his makarov. And if you still don't believe there are cheaters in large numbers in tarkov watch this: proof #1: proof #2: Look how proudly they advertise their products. These fuckers are so god damn cocky with their vids that its not even funny. I think I proved my point. Case closed. I love EFT and i know that the devs are hard at work trying to make the game better, but all that will go down the drain if they don't make even stricter and more hardcore anti cheat systems.
  2. AccelEvo

    Why is Skiers first task such a pain?

    well then your luck is much better then mine. I'm still playing non stop and i know that they spawn near the end of the raid, but still not a single kiver or fort has been found. I have all traders at lvl 3 and I'm only missing char lvls for lvl 4 while skier sits at lvl 1 forever. So don't give me this condescending bull guys and understand that this is an issue.
  3. I mean come on! I have been playing non stop since wipe and i haven't seen a single fort or kiver on a scav. How do u expect us standard edition users to ever finish this god damn tasks. Also why is this even the first task in the first place. Its impossible to do without eod , press pass or some other bullshit. The second task is much more suited to be the first one, cause of its simplicity and straightforwardness. Please, ether shadow buff the drop rate or put this task later on into skiers questline cause its so unfair to standard edition users that its not even funny!
  4. AccelEvo

    ETA/Status on Desync Fix

    Its horrible, i must be a silent masochist to play this game still, when people one shot me in fort every day, while i have to unload whole mags into people for them to die.
  5. now since euros are unlimited the scripters insta buy all the B type 5.45 ammo. Plz stop this bsg, u banned my friends for less (cheat engines for single player games non related to EfT), yet you let these cunts duck up the game economy. Don't be in denial, we all like your game and we wouldn't be vocal about it otherwise.
  6. looks like they will have to request another script from the hacking tool makers. should take them a few hours
  7. No one said that. Don't be condescending. The issue here is scripting nothing else. Get your facts straight before you post stuff like this.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I love Kotton. He's a funny guy and a amazing player, but it seams like the devs only listen to him and not to anyone else. The 303 key incident was one thing, but I also remember him talking about how peacekeeper should be able to buy weps with bulets in them ( which was his personal preference) and magically 2 days from when I heard him say that peacekeeper could buy weps with bullets in them. I personally don't like that, he's the peacekeeper after all.
  9. I don't think that Kotton is the problem, even though that when he couldn't find 303 key the drop rate magicaly went trought the roof. In the end hes not the one making this game, BSG is. I know the game is in beta and many thigs will change, but the whole community has a say in this not just Kotton. Edit: Only thing that matters to me right now is that scripting of any kind should be totally illegal!
  10. I mean come on are you people that ducking desperate. Plz bsg put a stop to this, it makes it impossible for people to buy euros from skier ever cause people run scripts to insta buy euros as soon as he restocks. I have seen people already do this and it stupid and unfair. Sure I will w8 for restock and try to buy first I like that challenge , but when scripts are involved it impossible. So plz bsg, are you going to stop this trend? and to the scripters: go to hell
  11. AccelEvo


    @PotatoWarriah epic stuff man thx
  12. AccelEvo

    Multiple head slots

    agree 100%. I know every1 wants to rock a Kiver with a half face mask
  13. AccelEvo

    Armor--Proper Armor

    Did u just insult AKs? Bad idea
  14. AccelEvo

    Medical System

    good idea. I personaly don't like the current medical system. I totally breaks the realisam when I have to chase a guy around a rock while he heals up a bit, its cheesy and stupid. You need to stay still while u apply medication its the only way this will be fair and real.