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  1. Set Firing Mode from Stash

    I'm all for it. It's frustrating especially when the firefights start reall quick ( factor eg) and youre sure youve clicked t and then you fire in it turns out you didn't.
  2. Friend I really admire your courage to post this kind of ideas on this forum
  3. Planowane zmiany w patchu 0.6.**

    jakich wspomagaczy co ty gadasz? klikasz prawy na eft.exe wchodzisz w walsciwosci, tam w karte zgodnosc i zaznaczasz dwie opcje ktore sprawiaja ze widnows nie ingeruje w program i nie zabiera Ci fps. I nie mow ze od ostatniego update nic nie daje bo na shorline w trybie offline przed wlaczeniem tego mialme 35fps a teraz mam 70+.
  4. List a Tag or History to each Weapon

    Well I geuss what he meant was haveing in mind in game realism ( like you dont even know who you killed if dont collect a dogtag) there is no way for a character to know anything about this weapon. But personally I like what youre saying and agree that such statistics would be fun to see.
  5. Planowane zmiany w patchu 0.6.**

    Ja odpalam z eft.exe zeby dzialaly te opcje, w karcie zgodnosc (zastap skalowanie DPI i wylaczenie optymalizacji pelnoekranowej), ktore daja mi dodatkowe 30fps w grze. Jak teraz bede odpalac z launchera to juz to nie bedzie dzialac : ( czo teraz
  6. Extraction point

    on every map but factoery there are few axtraction points that are always open and few that are open randomly and they signalize it by green flair or bright light. at woods also you have car ride that costs 3k rubles.
  7. **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    This is what i meant butnow when i thing about it i guess it was stupid of meto even think about the socond option since it would require NASA computer.
  8. **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    Does it mean will get one big map with all this map pasted in or one "tunel" made of this maps well play on?
  9. pistol, worth it?

    Well carrying pistol while holding some rifle in hand will have more sense when the animation is faster . Now when you change your ak or wahtever to pistol i takes ages and makes you an easy target for something like 4 secs while for trained soldier dropping gun and taking out pistol is about 1-2. So as far as reloading and changing to sidearm takes about the same i see no point doing the second one.
  10. Scav on Scav violence

    ok scav shoting is not for scavs! what great news! now can you tell it to all this scavs players i died to because they probably didnt know that or maybe they didnt see your post i dont know ;/
  11. sorry to hear that bro. i really dont know how or why it works at all. im jsut syaing it helped me and if it did i gess there are some pepole that this might help also. sorry to hear youre not one of them.
  12. before i did it i had 30+ fps on shirline after that i had 70+. definitely not placebo.
  13. Stupid quest

    this game is harder for everyone who starts it, it is made to be that way! i understand that someone might get frustrated but maybe instead of going on forums and saying kind of ridiculous things one can type in google " how to do prapor quest 2" and be done with it in 30 min.
  14. Scav on Scav violence

    why? if i wont shoot you first you will shot me. it was always simple as that. now since they done all this npc scavs kill you after you shot player scav i personally dont play anymore. no point.
  15. Stupid quest

    look bro my point was that ofcourse fort+helmet makes your game whole lotta easier i admit. But when i hear whining like OPs and blaming it on the press kit (ive heard it thousned times) while what he cant achieve is at basic level of thinking im just getting anoyed. Not the lack of gear is a problem in here. just trying to point that out. My first fort run in this game was also thinking "now were talking lets see what you got bots" and i was down pretty quickly.