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  1. Hades Blacklist

    If anyone who is interested reach me by PM, I would answer more timely. This thread isn't alerting me.
  2. Hades Blacklist

    I will message you the COMMS Frequency for your interview.
  3. Hades Blacklist

    Interviews going live at 1400 Current time, 1233
  4. Hades Blacklist

    We are PST but stay up till 3-4am from time to time, we play with people in EU as well. We use Discord. Of course just join the discord which I will send you in PM and you can join us after your 1 on 1 interview.
  5. Hades Blacklist

    We take skilled and new players, we will work you up and get you running and gearing.
  6. Hades Blacklist

    3 more people have joined, once we get a few more, we will no longer be recruiting.
  7. Hades Blacklist

    We like to help grow talent, you are more then welcome to join us, all you gotta do is have a 1 on 1 meeting with me at your convenience. This is to make sure we are a right fit for you and vice versa.
  8. Armor--Proper Armor

    So right now we have fort armor, soft armor and so on, I would like to suggest bringing in AR500 and AR550, AR650. Things like level I, II, III, IIIA, IIIA+, IV and ect. I feel the current armor system is kind of lackluster, usually armor is a plate or set of plates that go into the PC.
  9. Hades Blacklist

    Still looking for operatives.
  10. Newer NA player looking for clan/ppl to play with

    This thread is for recruiting purposes. I would suggest you remove this before an admin forcefully does.
  11. Hades Blacklist

    How we Operate The Hades Blacklist is a relatively brand new group focused on realism and immersion, that is not to say we don't have our fair share of hiccups and laughs. We are looking for both serious and casual players alike, because everyone has a wildcard, especially when your rocking your best loot. We pride ourselves on keeping cool and calm heads in the heat of battle, so their for we would like to warn you, we would prefer no toxic players. Why are we here The Hades Blacklist has been sent by the UN to remove any and all possible connections linking them to this mess of a situation, that include USEC and BEAR. Although our main focus is to liquidate, we have word some of those operatives are Tier 1 and have potential. Further more we are not a private military, although we have that stigma, we are identified as an Independent faction, we do not side with any country. Qualifications The Operative must show good moral character, mentally and physically healthy, be able to run long distances with at least 75lbs of gear. The Operative must relinquish any prior standing with another faction/force/military. Be able to maintain clear comms and a leveled head while in stressful environments, become adaptable to your surroundings, be diligent. Able to gather Intel and recon our AO independently, be able to maintain OPSEC, this is very crucial in our organization. Finally the Operative must be 17 years of age or older, be able to become one with the brotherhood, and remain vigilant and maintain integrity throughout all operations. Good Luck. -The Wendigo
  12. Weapon Companies Thread

    MAXIM 9 Silencer CO.
  13. Edge of Darkness replacement edition?

    Yup, what he said ^
  14. The USEC art, and extra things.

    Tactical Beard, I like it. Can we get the Tactical Tattoos while were at it.
  15. The USEC operator has what seems to be either a Banshee Shellback or Mayflower PC. I am curious if this will be added in the game, and if so, will their be more PC variants and color options, OD, CB, Tan, RG (color of USEC pc). This isn't crucial I know, just picking the brain and sharing my thoughts, another thing I noticed, is the hoodies with Velcro patches for morale patches. Another neat little feature, is to add rail covers that add just a little bit of ergonomics and are cheaper then other grips.