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  1. TheWendigo

    [NA] Looking for EFT Duo/Trio

    add me on discord
  2. TheWendigo

    [NA] Looking for EFT Duo/Trio

    Feel free to add me on discord
  3. TheWendigo

    This is Escape from Tarkov

    Just found out my buddy was in your video at 3:56 BEAR with COMTACs on, shout out to the boy Hotsalttv.
  4. TheWendigo

    This is Escape from Tarkov

    Bro how is this not VIRAL XDDDD That ending though!!
  5. TheWendigo

    Hades Blacklist

    Were pretty small right now at about good main 6 people, but were expanding. I get on everyday time varies, were all spread around the US so we have people on early and really late.
  6. TheWendigo

    Hades Blacklist

    We've been getting some traction, and with the new wipe were looking for more players!
  7. TheWendigo

    Hades Blacklist

    Feel free to join our discord and join us !
  8. TheWendigo

    Hades Blacklist

    We will more then welcome you, join our discord and PM me, we have been getting a severe influx in members.
  9. TheWendigo

    Hades Blacklist

    New player? Come on in we will show you the ropes and help you get to Tier 1. Are you experienced? Talk to me in our discord about joining and we can get you fast tracked to Tier 0. Streamers, youtubers all welcome. Only prerequisites is be mature, and no gear fear. Your kill, your fill. Join our discord: JOIN HERE
  10. TheWendigo

    Looking for Raid Buddy

    Feel free to join my discord : HERE PS: A mods going to lock your thread in a few minutes, they are strict about LFG post.
  11. TheWendigo

    Looking for a bud to help me with raids!

    Feel free to join my discord, HERE By the way a moderator is probably going to take this down in a few minutes. This is a recruitment thread and not a LFG thread.
  12. TheWendigo

    [NA/PST] In need of a Sherpa?

    You should be able to Contact Me now.