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  1. What server's are you playing on? You just have to run into the East-Wing every game to find a lot of players. If you want to fight it out as fast as possible, that should be your way to go. Ressort all the day.
  2. TheHappyMile

    Quest ruin the game/fun

    Well, just use your normal gear, play as you would normally do, and simply do the quests on your way? It's pretty easy to finish most of them by simple playing the game and visiting a room or two in between slaying more scav's. Yeah, quests are not brilliant creative. But they are not stopping you from playing if done with a bit of brain-usage.
  3. TheHappyMile

    Spawn Killing

    minutes? that's not a spawnkill. the map's are huge, but not endless. you're spawning within shot running-distance towards other players. on top of that, a lot of spawns are at the normal path through the maps. if you spawn - you can camp ypur spawnpoint and wait, or run. mbut standing there for minutes and being angry about being killed is...
  4. TheHappyMile

    Scavs are just ridiculous. - Poll Inside

    Scav's being bulletspronges are bugs (hitreg, what ever - guess they are not designed with double-health...). If they are fine when dieing "normal", then there's no need for a nerv.
  5. TheHappyMile

    Where the **** are the scavs on woods?

    Saw-mill, around the old station, around scav-house
  6. TheHappyMile

    AI/Scav's OP again.

    I love the new movement of scav's. It feels great to see them hiding or pushing - depending on a situation. Combined with their accuracy, scav's are stong enemy's. Maybe a bit too crazy. 80-90% of my deaths are against scav's or after I was hurt by them and hunted down by players. I would not call it "unplayable". It is a frustrating experience atm - especially with their "second-shot-aimingtime" when they know you're there. First shot-time is fine. But that second shot has blown me out of my life often. By adjusting the playstyle that should hopefully change. If anything will be nerved - pls not be their behaviour at all but their accuracy in general. (if at all)
  7. TheHappyMile

    Scavs are broken

    yeah, it's crazy. but the challenge is awesome (and frustrating) ^^.
  8. TheHappyMile

    Recent Trader Discount & Unlock

    it's for a few day's? the patch is probably coming this weeks. the whole idea of this event is to give every player the chance to test gear. I guess you just missed it ^^.
  9. TheHappyMile

    Recent Trader Discount & Unlock

    as long as it means patch/wipe thursday/frieday i'm fine. nice to test some stuff
  10. TheHappyMile

    Skill bereich in der Beta

    Ich sehe prinzipiell kein Problem darin, dass man die Skills nicht auf max kriegt - abgesehen von denen für die Quests. Warum muss ich stärke auf 51 kriegen? Warum nicht 7/8. Nur, weil es "cooler" ist, die Skills auf max zu Leveln, sollte kein Grund sein.
  11. TheHappyMile

    What Skier's quests do you like most?

    Not sure. But I know which one I hate most. "Friend from the West - Part 1"
  12. TheHappyMile


    es ist ein gebüsch, kein massives stück holz. mit genug kraft, treten und brechen kommt man (fast) überall durch
  13. TheHappyMile


    Hast du als Kind mal im Gebüsch gespielt? Ich finds ok, dass man komplett durch laufen kann. Die Lautstärke dabei ist vollkommen angemessen.
  14. TheHappyMile

    Do you do this too?

  15. TheHappyMile

    Why am I so bad at Tarkov no matter what I try?

    That's why you should play as PMC with your scav-gear. Become a good scab-player and you'll get a lot of simple gear out of that raids. That gear then can be used for quests, scav-kills etc. => gives you good XP. and you can also loot ammo (AP) in the maps to then use EG AK's with BP/BS to fight Players. it's a step by step learning. wipe is coming, so just learn the basics now. you can the use those skills to perform better post-wipe.