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  1. TheHappyMile

    Do you do this too?

  2. TheHappyMile

    Why am I so bad at Tarkov no matter what I try?

    That's why you should play as PMC with your scav-gear. Become a good scab-player and you'll get a lot of simple gear out of that raids. That gear then can be used for quests, scav-kills etc. => gives you good XP. and you can also loot ammo (AP) in the maps to then use EG AK's with BP/BS to fight Players. it's a step by step learning. wipe is coming, so just learn the basics now. you can the use those skills to perform better post-wipe.
  3. TheHappyMile

    Why am I so bad at Tarkov no matter what I try?

    This. If you're new, play as a scav, use scav-loot with your PMC, learn the maps, try to primary kill AI, loot dead players - and if there's someone you want to kill, go for the legs (or the head if it's possible)
  4. TheHappyMile

    No money

    play as a scav. you'll get a lot of equippment to use (if you survive as a scav, use it with your PMC). money is not that importnat. just try to have fun
  5. Well, I guess that's exactly what I want to explain with the video. The mosin is not OP. Just people missing their shots or getting ambushed raging about dieing. People that die to a mosin would have died against that player anyways, if the gear/ammo of that player would match theirs - because they played worse then their killer in that situation.
  6. And another one for the "Mosin is OP" Faction I'm not a good player for my aim, that's obvious. And while I headshot him in the end, you can clearly hear that I hit him with everything but not the first shot I would say. The mosin is superior in mid to longrange-ambushes. Everythin else is a matter of luck and skill on both sides...
  7. Use a non-modded MP-153 for 0$ from a scav, use Buck-Shots, use an 8-Round-Mag, press your mouse-button 9 times (fast) and aim for centre-mass to easily land the headshot Other situation, mut seriously, you can't do this with a mosin. Of cousre, maybe a headshot. But he's moving and his head is not that easy to hit in the situation
  8. pretty sure most players would prefer an AK, VEPR or SKS ^^ Scav's are dropping them non-stop. They are easier to find and then use then any other gun. I can do a scavrun, take the shotgun and ammo, and kill the val-gen4-atlyn player with 2 leg-shots next round in CQB. the mosin i have to buy as well as the ammo. and - even if you're other opinin - the mosin is poo in cqb. You can land a lucky-first shot. you miss, you die. no chance to just make the enemy's legs disappear using a shotgun with slugs for sniping? noone is doing that seriously.
  9. If there are no glitched level's I'm for it. elite-skills are op, but I guess none's near them, so why resting that few levels of strength etc.
  10. TheHappyMile

    Godlike Player Scavs

    you're playstyle would be interesting. cod-troll or just not that good? or do you hatchet vs scav's? lol ^^
  11. The only players I killed so far with a mosin were bad players that missed and/or stand around. I lost vs everyone with an AR who spotted me first And the reason I'm using a mosin is to level the skill. With 4 Million roubles and 7 full weaponcases I really do not need a "cheap" mosin. I need no cheap guns at all, because I use, what I loot from mainly scav's. Mosins are the only guns I bought this patch (ignoring quest-weapons).
  12. TheHappyMile

    Godlike Player Scavs

    ok, i never experienced any oneshot by scav post 0.10.
  13. TheHappyMile

    Godlike Player Scavs

    I killed a huge amount of SCAV-AI after the patch and I was not shot into my head once. ^^
  14. 1. Presentation is made poorly. If you have that much data - publish the numbers, too and/or use bettre graphics with clear presentation of the data. No stupid pie-charts and please do not use graphes with all information queezed into. 2. You conclusion is useless. Why? The mosin is new. Of course sale's are high.
  15. Who uses a shotgun as a rifle if you can buy a rifle for that price? For the MP-153 - you can easily farm then as a scav, so not really 24K. To comparing the mosin vs the MP-153 for balancing is redicoulus... The only way to make every weapon important in this game is by reducing the supply...