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  1. Boniuszy

    Huge ban wave

    I wish we could know how many people play tarkov, because 1000 bans sounds like at least 25% of playerbase was banned.
  2. Boniuszy

    To people still using the factory stairs glitch . . .

    Tbh i have more respect to cheaters than those glitchers, at least cheaters have balls to risk real money.
  3. Boniuszy

    Honest Question about Hatchlings

    Emm, you know you are gaining lvl 100x slower if you run with hatchet? Also 50k roubles is enough to do a good budget run, and about meds: you know there are bandages to stop bleeding and AI-2 for cheap heal? Also CAR is available at lvl 1 therapist after quest i guess. If you can't handle firefights right now just don't engage mayby? You are bad BECAUSE you run with hatchet, you don't wanna learn this game, you prefer to cry and blame everyone and everything instead yourself, git gud.
  4. Boniuszy

    Silly Things My Victims Do...

    5th makes me laugh so hard. 12. Watch your back frequently. I constantly follow people for 1-2 or even more minutes and they refuse to turn around one freakin time.
  5. Boniuszy

    Being accused of cheating...

    That's why i laugh on this "hacker in every raid" threads. People don't understand they aren't invisible, they don't understand somone can be behind them, hell, they don't understand anything. I played a lot of online games and every forum looks freakin same: tons of kids crying about elo hell, hackers, noob teams, unfair situations etc. When their only problem is refusing to learn.
  6. Boniuszy

    Do somethinng with cheaters and bots.

    Lol. Crown means he had EoD. You probably missed most of the shots, thats why he survived, probably heavy wounded.
  7. Boniuszy

    Salty players

    Let me guess, crying hatchling? Or you just ambushed him?
  8. Boniuszy

    Warning to all players

    If I'm marauder, should I be careful also? TBH I don't know why i have this class, it depend's on looting exp or what?
  9. Boniuszy

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    Mayby leave timers on quests, but make them optional and if you finish task in certain time limit, you get bit better reward.
  10. Boniuszy

    Too hard for beginners???

    I remember my first runs in Tarkov, that was something really exciting, those gunfights with scavs when i didn't know their spots, killing pmcs with shaking hands, checking every corner and every building because didn't know where to go. Now i'm playing like a robot, just doing same things and going to same places, rare situations when i can feel immersion like on beginning are durning heavy rain or when fighting with group of pmcs. Just play this game, learn from your mistakes, play slowly, watch some streamers (just nit those flashy ones like kotton) and sooner or later you will miss your noob times.
  11. Boniuszy

    Tarkov is unfair!

    I spend half of a day doing speed runs to get factory key (with pistols, shotguns and even aksu, don't call me filthy hatchling). Haven't found a single one. Then my friend log to game, went on warm up scav raid and found factory key in dead scav's backpack. This is so gamebreaking omg bsg fix that plox.
  12. Boniuszy

    the reason for hatchet running

    Persistent health system will be high risk factor for hatchlings.
  13. There's nothing more constructive to say, facehitbox is great cuz it's a fps, not mmorpg where better stuff=better skill. Face need to be smaller and helmets shouldn't be bugged, and that's all. And come back when you stop being spoiled brat who thinks whole world is spinning around you, and you are voice of majority, when everything proofs you aren't.
  14. Yes i did, your only argument is "you shouldn't be able to lost 200k rubles after one tap faceshot". All this "lot of players who will stop playing because facehitbox" is just a bullpoo existing only in your head. Again, leave fast for guys who run with squad and aren't afraid to lose it.
  15. If something is overpriced and don't provide protection you are expecting, why just not stop using it? All your whining here is "i lost money because somone was better, i wanna be terminator cuz i grind hard 4 hours per day and you low lvls shouldn't be able to kill me until i do something really stupid". Buy a ZSH or 6B, they are cheap and still protects head from pistol rounds, and leave Fast for rich guys with balls.