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  1. Solus_Wolfe

    New Gear to come in future!

    That's the Tac-Tec 5.11 plate carrier isn't it? That's a very comfortable carrier irl
  2. Solus_Wolfe

    Weapon Companies Thread

    Grand Power Pistol lineup including the K100 and P40 (Among many others)
  3. Solus_Wolfe

    PP vityaz is too expensive and bad

    well at least the vityaz recoil tends to travel upward which is easier to control than the 74u which likes to recoil more to the left and right, resetting that is a pain in the ass...but no i don't understand why the Vityaz is so expensive (Hope no one plans on maining SMG's when skills come out :D)
  4. Solus_Wolfe

    Why You cheeky little

    Lol you never would of guessed, I certainly didn't gave me the scare of my life though, T-bagged for tossing a nade, you cheeki little breeki lol
  5. Solus_Wolfe

    Quest Mega Thread

    Delivery from the past, prapor 4th mission. thank you that's much clearer!
  6. Solus_Wolfe

    Quest Mega Thread

    Ok seriously though, where the hell is Factory Swing room 2nd floor shop 3, someone with a picture, i've been up and down factory looking for that and no one has given a clear response.
  7. How about literally any Hi-point >_> Please don't put those in the game....
  8. Solus_Wolfe

    Not hearing other players

    Yeah I noticed this to, theres already a lot of people noticing that the footstep round radius was reduced drastically. Yes, something definitely changed with audio, me and my bud just tested this ourselves.
  9. Solus_Wolfe

    new type of slug.....

    Luck is an inherent skill that is in every single video game my friend, it can't be increased or decreased it always stays the same.
  10. Solus_Wolfe

    new type of slug.....

    It applies to chest and stomach to, like I said the skill makes it so whichever body part is shot, you have a chance of it just getting blacked out instead of straight up dying, and the skill is vitality. (I did not mean that the damage get's transferred to a completely different part of your body.)
  11. Solus_Wolfe

    new type of slug.....

    It's a very low chance. But I mean think of it this way, look at a boxing match, some guys out there can just take blows for days, others get one light tap to the noggin and their out cold for some reason. It really does make sense some people just have a much higher resilience to pain and willpower to live than others, most military Corpsman and medics will tell you the same thing, not one person is alike, even when it comes to pain tolerance.
  12. Solus_Wolfe

    One Tapped By AI

    They really don't do it nearllllly as often, Also for some reason I get more of a feeling that you got one tapped by a player scav camping.
  13. Solus_Wolfe

    Buying gamma container?

    Exactly, so why are people complaining and immediately saying "Oh it's P2W." no...p2w is microtransaction games, this isn't that, I just bought EOD cause I'm really hoping every penny counts and this game gets completely finished. Plus we don't even have the maximum stash size either if I'm correct.
  14. Solus_Wolfe

    Buying gamma container?

    On top of which it's not really too expensive I think peacekeeper sells it for 4000$ right now, I've seen plenty of players have that much to. (This may of changed I don't know). ONTOP of which eventually there are gonna be containers bigger than the gamma, (Think I heard the biggest is gonna reach 4x4).
  15. Solus_Wolfe

    new type of slug.....

    I think this has more to do with that skill that makes it so you just have a chance to lose the limb instead of die or w.e, I gurantee you, that limb is blacked out, at the same time I had the same thing happen recently with a TT using the sport hunting rounds (Highest damage I believe for TT right now? gotta verify) and a hatchet guy who took 7 shots to the chest then runs up and hits me once and I die.